The Punisher

Real name: Frank Castle
Documented extranormal capabilities: None. Frank Castle is not an extranormal threat, but is on the Index because of the very real and present danger he represents as a costumed vigilante.

Frank Castle was a USMC veteran of the Afghanistan conflict. After he returned home, he had difficulty integrating into civilian life. When HYDRA’s Serpent Society committed a terrorist attack on New York in 2012, Frank’s family was killed and Frank was critically injured.

He survived, and when he recovered he used his training and resources he accumulated from military contacts to begin waging a one-man war on extranormal criminals. Unlike other costumed vigilantes like Spider-Man or Daredevil, Frank Castle (dubbed “The Punisher” by the press) uses lethal force and often utilizes excessive violence and brutal torture to make an example and strike fear into the criminal underworld.

Frank Castle is considered a fugitive by the police, and is not considered a reasonable candidate for recruitment into SHIELD as he is mentally unstable and homicidally violent. If the Punisher is encountered, he should be treated as hostile and with extreme caution.

The Punisher

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