The Crypt


Deep in one of the many unused subway tunnels of New York City, the Crypt is STRIKE’s base of operations. Connections from the tunnel network allows STRIKE agents to seamlessly move to the streets at various points around the city on foot, by car (from concealed garages), to a few different active subway stations, to a secret dock on the Hudson River, and to a secret SHIELD hangar that operates on Governors Island off the southern tip of Manhattan, which gives access to a SHIELD Quinjet with stealth technology.

The Crypt is also where SHIELD COMM is headquartered, and that section of the Crypt is overseen by Communications Director Victoria Hand. The majority of SHIELD COMM is not aware of STRIKE’s existence, but all the COMM staff (as well as any other SHIELD staff) stationed at the Crypt are at least Level 7 and know about STRIKE.

The Crypt has full medical facilities, as well as a dedicated R&D department. The armory carries not only conventional weapons, but also has supplies for whatever specialty devices and armaments STRIKE agents might personally utilize.

The Crypt

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