Command and Support Personnel

STRIKE’s Command and Support Personnel help STRIKE operate and function on a daily basis. Residing in STRIKE HQ (currently Avengers Tower in New York City), they assist the STRIKE field teams on their missions.

Clay Quartermain

Director, STRIKE
Codename: Quiet
Clearance Level: 9Θ

Clay Quartermain was hand-picked to lead STRIKE by Nick Fury. A former field agent with MI-13, Quartermain is a consummate professional with a lengthy (albeit heavily classified) record. He encourages his agents to think creatively and improvise, and lives by the creed that no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

It is unclear how old Quartermain actually is. His official age is redacted, clearance level 8 required. Some agents believe that he may be enhanced in some capacity, possibly as the result of some MI-13 Super-Soldier program. He is at least in his 40s, possibly older given some of the references and historical events he talks about as if he has first-hand knowledge.

Victoria Hand

Deputy Director, STRIKE
Codename: Libra
Security Level: 9Θ

Victoria Hand’s reputation as the most ruthless and dangerous individual in SHIELD took a hit following her recent battle with motor-neuron disease, but she has recovered fully and has joined STRIKE full time as its Deputy Director. However, because STRIKE is a Level 7+ agency, most in SHIELD are not aware of her recovery at all.

For the most part, Deputy Director Hand oversees the operations of STRIKE-2 and STRIKE-3, and acts as an interface between STRIKE and COMMS, her former division.

Niles Nordstrom

Chief Engineer, STRIKE
Codename: Merchant
Clearance Level: 8Θ

On loan from SCI-TECH, Nordstrom is an engineer with a background in weapons design. He is stationed at the Crypt and is assigned to help STRIKE in any way he can, and primarily serves as STRIKE’s quartermaster and gadget designer.

Dr. Rosalind Solomon

Chief Medical Consultant, STRIKE
Clearance Level: 8Θ

Dr. Rosalind “Roz” Solomon was recruited from AIM, where she was actually an Environmental Scientist. However, AIM was wasting her talents, and SHIELD offered her significant increases in pay and the ability to use her talents to investigate new frontiers of biochemistry and the impact of extranormal phenomenon on biology. She took the offer, and has been working for SHIELD for two years.

Roz is more than STRIKE’s on-staff doctor (although she does serve the function of the highest ranking medical personnel at STRIKE HQ). She is also the chief medical and biochemical researcher for STRIKE, analyzing extranormal biological and chemical materials that STRIKE may encounter.

STRIKE Field Teams

There are currently three STRIKE field teams operating out of STRIKE HQ. This is a fairly recent expansion, done in response to crisis events and acquisition of able personnel.

STRIKE-1 – Freedom Force
STRIKE-2 – The Warriors
STRIKE-3 – The Invincibles


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