Stephen Strange

We know very little about Doctor Stephen Strange. We know he was a gifted neurosurgeon before a car accident did nerve damage to his hands, and that subsequent to that he very nearly bankrupted himself seeking radical treatments to repair the damage.

However, possibly as a result of seeking those treatments, he seems to have acquired extranormal powers of an unknown capacity that directly impact our operations. On several occassions, Strange has shown up in ARMOR secure locations (including the Hollow), and made threatening statements and ultimatums about our operations.

However, he also came to our assistance during several incursions and the Ultimates seem to respect him.

We know the location of Strange’s personal headquarters, at least ostensibly. However, he appears to utilize some kind of space-fold or cloaking technology to vanish from our detection and conceal the interior of his personal sanctuary whenever he enters.

At this time, ARMOR has been keeping a respectful distance from Doctor Strange, so long as he does the same with us.

Stephen Strange

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