Stark Industries

Started by Tony Stark’s father Howard, Stark Industries is a massive global conglomerate composed of several different corporations. While Tony Stark himself is the principle owner of the company, the current CEO is actually Virginia “Pepper” Potts, Stark’s fiancee.

Since Tony Stark revealed to the world that he is the power-armored Avenger known as Iron Man, the stock of his company has only continued to rise.

Nonetheless, the company is not completely criticism free. While Stark did shut down the company’s weapons manufacturing and defense contracts in 2008, there are still thousands of Stark-produced heavy weapons and millions of Stark produced small arms in use around the world. Stark is still trying to shake his reputation as a war profiteer.

Stark Resilient

Stark Resilient is a new subsidiary of Stark Industries, created in 2008 after Stark closed its weapons manufacturing divisions. It is centered around mass-producing and iterating on the technology Stark developed for his Iron Man armor; arc reactor and repulsor technology.

Resilient has a lot of challenges, since they are trying to strike a balance between creating affordable technology (one of Stark’s mandates is he doesn’t want to make “toys for the rich”), safe technology (nothing Resilient makes can be weapons, or easily weaponized), and technology that will improve lives.

Currently, Resilient hasn’t actually released any products to the general public, although it has a few things in active development, such as a hover-car, arc reactor portable generators, and repulsor-based personal safety equipment.

Resilient is also a SHIELD contractor, and is currently developing safety equipment and vehicles for SHIELD.


Stark-Fujikawa is a biochemical research and pharmaceutical manufacturer based out of Japan. When Stark Industries shifted focus away from defense contracts and weapons in 2008, Stark-Fujikawa’s stock rose tremendously and it received a great deal of new funding.

They are now one of the industry leaders in research and is on the cutting edge of medical innovations. They are an active competitor with Reed Richards’ Future Foundation for providing medical solutions for third world health problems, trying to provide alternatives that are more in line with capitalist ethics than Richards’ more philanthropic solutions.


A now-defunct Stark subsidiary, AccuTech was the primary research and development company for weapons and other military hardware. It was shut down in 2008 as part of Tony Stark’s new vision for his company. Most of the plants were closed or repurposed into facilities for other Stark subsidiaries, and many of the research staff were re-employed into the new Stark Resilient.

A lot of AccuTech hardware is still out there in the wild. Stark has issued recalls on all AccuTech equipment globally, but those recalls are essentially voluntary and for no other reason than Stark doesn’t want them to exist at all. AccuTech small arms are especially popular with criminals, as they’re very high quality and extremely reliable, and are now very desirable given their irreplaceable nature.

Damage Control

Created in 2012 after the Serpent Society fought the Avengers in New York, Damage Control is an insurance, disaster response, repair, and construction company that is specifically designed to protect against and respond to damage created by extranormal events (such as the battles between super-heroes and their foes).

Technically speaking, Damage Control is a non-profit organization, with Stark running the company out of pocket to, in his words, “clean up our messes.”

Damage Control also assists law enforcement with investigations and many are trained in crime scene preservation and clean-up techniques.

Damage Control field operators are usually very helpful to SHIELD agents and can be relied upon for useful information about events and evidence gathering on any extranormal events they are deployed to.

Stark Industries

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