Security Levels

SHIELD classifies security clearance using a level structure, from 1-10, with each increasing level representing increased access and knowledge to intelligence, information, and operational details of the agency.

Level 0: The general public, anyone outside SHIELD. Until the 1990s, people at Level 0 were not even aware of the extranormal phenomenon or SHIELD’s existence.
Level 1: Support staff. The clearance level for reception and custodial staff at SHIELD facilities, and civilian staff at SHIELD-affiliated bureaucratic offices.
Level 2: Maintenance staff, such as mechanics and civilian engineering contractors. Anyone who needs access to the inside of SHIELD facilities will have at least this clearance level, unless being escorted by someone senior.
Level 3: Junior research staff (SCI-TECH), field agents in training (OPS), nurses and medical technicians (MED), low-priority signal analysts (COMMS), low-security guards (SEC)
Level 4: Research staff (SCI-TECH), field agents (OPS), doctors and medical researchers (MED), signal analysts and intrusion specialists (COMMS), medium-security guards and junior IA investigators (SEC)
Level 5: Senior research staff (SCI-TECH), senior field agents (OPS), surgeons and chief senior medical researchers (MED), senior analysts (COMMS), high-security guards and IA investigators (SEC)
Level 6: Project leads (SCI-TECH), field agent team leads (OPS), medical advisory commitee members (MED), regional monitors (COMMS), Avengers (except for Hawkeye and Black Widow)
Level 7: Dr. Andrea Hope (Director, MED)
Level 8: Hawkeye, Black Widow, SWORD agents, Derek Khanata (Director, SEC), Dr. Paul Kraye (Director, SCI-TECH), Sharon Carter (Director, OPS), STRIKE agents
Level 9: Victoria Hand (Director, Deputy Director, STRIKE), Maria Hill (Deputy Director, EXEC), REDACTED (Director, SWORD), Clay Quartermain (Director, STRIKE)
Level 10: Nick Fury (Executive Director, SHIELD), John Garrett (Director, HELM)

ARMOR does not use SHIELD’s numerical Security Level system. Because ARMOR is essentially run in parallel to SHIELD, it is possible for a SHIELD Agent to have both a SHIELD Security Level and an ARMOR Security Level, and for those two levels to be different and to reflect different levels of access.

ARMOR’s Security Levels use the Greek alphabet, running from Alpha to Kappa. There is technically a Lambda clearance level, but only SHIELD Director Nick Fury possesses it.

Alpha (Α)ARMOR basic support staff, like custodians and office clerks, and the staff of front companies and public-facing cover structures. Anyone at this level does not fully understand what ARMOR actually does and does not actually get told the true meaning of the organization’s name.
Beta (B) – Maintenance and repair teams, anyone who works inside an ARMOR facility with sensitive equipment has at least this clearance. At this clearance level, someone working within ARMOR knows ARMOR’s mandate and purpose.
Gamma (Γ) – Junior research staff, exploratory field agents in training, external base security agents
Delta (Δ) – Research staff, exploratory field agents, internal base security, defense teams, investigatory agents. Anyone at this clearance level knows of the existence of the Ultimates.
Zeta (Ζ) – Senior exploratory field agents and team leads, Research team leads, security command. Agents at this level are given access to the current database of documented alternate realities.
Eta (Η)ARMOR Facility Commanders (Dr. Jonathon Ohnn, Dr. Jane Foster, Warden Erde). Anyone at this clearance is briefed on any incursions and made aware of ongoing exploration missions.
Theta (Θ) – The Ultimates, SHIELD Deputy Director Maria Hill, SWORD Director Abigail Brand. Anyone at this level can request access to current Ultimates and previous Ultimates missions.
Iota (Ι)ARMOR Deputy Director Michael Korvac
Kappa (K)ARMOR Director Rick Jones
Lambda (Λ) – This clearance level is restricted for Nick Fury and HELM Director Garrett only.

Security Levels

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