Derek Khanata

Security Director
Codename: Leo
Clearance Level: 8

A former member of the Hatut Zeraze (Wakanda’s secret police), Derek Khanata is SHIELD’s Security Director. He oversees all internal security matters, whether its making sure SHIELD facilities are adequately protected, that inmates at SHIELD prisons are sufficiently guarded, or that matters of SHIELD agent misconduct are thoroughly investigated.

He is a rigid, no-nonsense man with unyielding scruples, and has come into personal conflict with Nick Fury on more than one occasion. Nonetheless, Fury keeps him around as the “moral compass of SHIELD”.

John Walker

Warden, The Raft
Clearance Level: 7

John Walker runs the Raft, SHIELD’s latest and most advanced extranormal detention facility. He is a hard but fair man, who believes in treating his prisoners humanely but also with the utmost security and caution. He was personally selected for the job by Nick Fury.

Jennifer Monroe

Internal Affairs
Codename: Flashback
Clearance Level: 8
Known extranormal abilities: Temporal manipulation and superhuman speed. Regenerative properties; doesn’t appear to physically age.

Jennifer Monroe has been a SHIELD agent for nearly 30 years, and is likely in her mid-50’s according to her heavily redacted file. However, due to her extranormal abilities, she doesn’t appear to age at all. She was once a field agent in some capacity, although nowadays is with SEC’s Internal Affairs program. SHIELD agents wince when they see her, because it generally means they’ve done something wrong.


Jennifer Monroe was part of the original Avengers Initiative from the mid-80’s. After a disastrous mission in the Ukraine that led to the Chernobyl Disaster, she was taken out of field duty and given a post in SEC. She’s stayed behind a desk ever since, and declined membership in the Avengers or STRIKE.

Her abilities have continued to grow with time. She no longer physically ages, has incredible regenerative powers, and what the upper limits of her ability to travel through time are, she does not share with SHIELD researchers. More data is required.

Hansha Sato

Executive Security
Codename: Reflex
Clearance Level: 8
Known extranormal abilities: Superhuman speed, agility, seemingly immortal, no visible life signs.

Hansha Sato is a former member of the secret society known as the Hand. He is Nick Fury’s current personal bodyguard (a position vacated after Agent Barton was assigned to the Avengers). Very little of his file is available, likely for this reason.


Hansha Sato is former member of the original Avengers Initiative. After a mission gone awry in the Ukraine that caused the Chernobyl Disaster, he left SHIELD for a time to pursue Leviathan on his own. After 15 years, he returned to SHIELD and pledged himself to Nick Fury’s service. He is now always at Fury’s side, although rarely seen. Chances are, if you see him, it’s likely the last thing you’re ever going to see.


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