Dr. Paul Kraye

Director, SCI-TECH
Clearance Level: 8

Dr. Kraye is the head of SHIELD SCI-TECH. One of the most brilliant technological minds in the world, he left Stark Industries in 2008 when Stark decided to stop producing weapons and military equipment. He now works for SHIELD exclusively, designing many of the gadgets and weapons that field agents utilize, and leading research on the extranormal artifacts that agents acquire.

Dr. Noriko Nagayoshi

Project Director, LMD Project
Clearance Level: 6

Dr. Nagayoshi is one of the best roboticists in the world, headhunted from AIM back in 2011. He is currently working on SHIELD’s LMD Project, which isn’t slated for completion for several years. He also designed some of the drones that field agents currently use.

Dr. Philip Lawson

Project Director, Project PEGASUS
Clearance Level: 6

Dr. Lawson leads Project PEGASUS, an alternative energy project based in the Nevada desert that studies some of the extranormal artifacts SHIELD has discovered over the years for potential power solutions. He’s young, but he’s a brilliant physicist and engineer.


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