Roxxon Industries

Roxxon is the world’s largest oil company, and one of the largest energy companies in general. It is incredibly powerful and influential, with politicians in their pocket in countries all over the globe. It is absolutely certain that Roxxon is corrupt and deeply involved in international crime and terror, but who is behind them and who controls Roxxon is hotly debated even within the intelligence community. HYDRA, Leviathan, various international criminal cartels, or even absurd fictitious groups like the Illuminati or Zodiac, are all suspected masterminds behind the Roxxon empire.

Because of the careful way Roxxon has obfuscated their criminal involvement and their illegal dealings, they currently operate with impunity in dozens of countries, and are deeply intertwined in American, Russian, and Saudi Arabian politics. They are a cancer too infiltrative to currently excise.

Roxxon is considered a high-threat organization and all dealings with Roxxon-affiliated individuals should be subjected to the highest level security and discretion.

Blackguard Inc.

Blackguard is a PMC subsidiary of Roxxon that operates largely in third world countries and complex warzones like Iraq and Afghanistan. The US military employed Blackguard during the invasion of both countries, to much controversy later when the ethics of the organization was questioned.

Blackguard operatives should be treated as hostile threats if encountered. They are usually dishonorably discharged military personnel and violent felons, recruited for their willingness to commit violence without question or restraint.

Roxxon Industries

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