Dr. Andrea Hope

Director, MED
Clearance Level: 7

Dr. Hope was one of the best researchers at OsCorp when their CEO and principle owner, Norman Osborn, was outed as the Green Goblin. She left the company immediately afterwards, stating she had nothing to do with with Osborn’s criminal rampage and was unaware of his activities. SHIELD hired her after this point, subjecting her to rigorous background checks and investigation to make sure her story held up and that she wasn’t a part of Osborn’s descent into enhanced madness. Everything checked out, and she’s been brought in as SHIELD’s head of Medical since then.

Dr. Hope is on the bleeding edge of medical research, but her understanding of how to push the boundaries of human enhancement is tempered by a strong sense of ethics. She makes an excellent Medical Director and Fury publicly states that he trusts her judgment completely, one of the few people in SHIELD to receive such an endorsement from the Executive Director.


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