Jessica Jones

Documented extranormal capabilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, healing.

It is suspected that Jessica Jones’ extranormal abilities came as a result of a car accident that killed her parents and her brother when she was a teenager. Jessica survived the accident, but was doused in industrial chemicals that were being produced by Roxxon for purposes that as of this writing SHIELD has not been able to ascertain.

Jones is now a private investigator, and periodically uses her abilities to deal with street crime, although largely she sticks to conventional avenues of private investigation.

SHIELD has reached out to her and offered her a position, and she has declined. Jones has substance abuse and mental health issues and needs significant therapy and rehabilitation, which SHIELD has offered to pay for. She has declined. Currently she is being monitored and given a wide berth to pursue her own gainful employment, should she change her mind.

Jessica Jones

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