Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four were the first so-called super-hero team of the new millennium. Composed of Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Sue Richards (Invisible Woman), Johnny Storm (Human Torch), and Ben Grimm (The Thing), they use their powers to help people in natural disasters and horrible calamities.

Unlike most other super-heroes, the Fantastic Four aren’t really crime-fighters. On the one hand, this means Reed and his team are very clearly on the right side of the law and there’s never a question of the legality of what they’re doing. On the other, this means they are sometimes criticized for standing aside when super-powered criminals run amok, and instead leaving that to the Avengers or Spider-Man to deal with.

Mr. Fantastic

Real name: Reed Richards
Documented extranormal capabilities: Can stretch, distort, and reshape his body, in a way far beyond what his mass should allow.

Reed Richards is one of the foremost scientific minds on the planet, rivaling Tony Stark and the reclusive Hank Pym. His Future Foundation is designed to make the world a better place, and unlike Stark Industries, is a non-profit organization.

He has a somewhat suspicious and semi-hostile relationship with SHIELD, being extremely skeptical of the way SHIELD operates. In general, Richards should be avoided.


Under no circumstances should Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, or Ben Grimm be made aware of the existence of STRIKE. This order comes directly from Nick Fury.

Invisible Woman

Real name: Susan Richards
Documented extranormal capabilities: Susan can create light-bending force-fields, allowing her to turn herself and other objects invisible. She can also use these force-fields offensively and defensively, as emitted projectile attacks and as defensive shields. She is quite adept in their usage and possibly has other undocumented utilities for these powers.

Reed’s wife Susan is also second in command of his team, and the second largest shareholder in the Future Foundation. She is his partner in all things, and together they make one of the media’s favorite couples. While often easily overshadowed by her husband’s genius, Susan is a capable and brilliant scientist in her own right, and shared the Nobel Prize in 2006 with Reed for their work on the Negative Zone dimensional gateway.


Codename: Ghost
Clearance Level: 7

Unbeknownst to her husband and the rest of her team, Susan Richards is also a Level 7 SHIELD agent and has been so since 1997. Her original assignment as an agent of SHIELD SCI-TECH was to infiltrate Future Foundation through a connection from her brother (who was a test pilot for the Foundation’s next-gen aircraft) and join the Negative Zone project. Her intimate relationship that she developed with Reed Richards was not a component of her mission assignment, but has not compromised her loyalties. She continues to report to SHIELD and regularly leaks Future Foundation designs to SHIELD SCI-TECH. Her brother is not aware of her status as a SHIELD agent.

Human Torch

Real name: Johnny Storm
Documented extranormal capabilities: Storm is able to sheath his body in superheated plasma, while remaining completely unharmed. In doing so, he’s able to fly and eject fiery blasts of energy.

Johnny Storm was a test pilot for Future Foundation prior to the events of 2006 that caused them to be irrevocably changed into superhumans. Even when he wasn’t actually piloting anything, he was often an overall guinea pig for Reed Richards’ various experiments, and was a long-time friend and protege of Reed’s.

Storm is an extremely popular celebrity, and is often in the public eye and intentionally courts media attention. He should be avoided at all costs, as he has no sense of propriety or how to contain information.

The Thing

Real name: Ben Grimm
Documented extranormal capabilities: Ben Grimm’s time in the Negative Zone has turned him into some kind of silicate-based lifeform, with superhuman strength and durability, but reduced sensitivity and a disfigured appearance.

Of all the Fantastic Four, Ben Grimm has had the hardest time adjusting to changes that came after the Negative Zone incident. His changes were not merely super-powers, they change his entire physiology permanently, and not in a way he can simply turn off like the others. When the media started calling him “The Thing”, Grimm became reclusive, and it took an awareness and sensitivity campaign that the Richards couple ran for people to open their hearts up and start treating Grimm like a human being.

Now, in part also thanks to Grimm’s gruff but lovable personality, he’s become something of a late-night talkshow celebrity. There’s still concerns he’s treated like something of a sideshow, but there are some people who unironically wear “I <heart> THE THING” T-Shirts around America.

Fantastic Four

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