Nick Fury

Executive Director
Codename: Scorpio
Clearance Level: 10

Nick Fury took over SHIELD in 1972 when he was only 24 years old, after his predecessor Rick Stoner was assassinated. Fury has defined modern SHIELD operations. He started the first Avengers Initiative in the 1980s, and authorized a lot of the SHIELD black ops carried out against the Soviet Union and Leviathan during the Cold War. He bristled towards SHIELD being used against international terrorism in the early 2000s, as this did not involve extranormal phenomenon and was outside SHIELD’s mandate.

Fury despises bureaucracy, and has a casual relationship with personal liberties and the truth if they service a greater good. He will be the first to admit that if pressed, and doesn’t object to being officially profiled in this manner. He believes that SHIELD first and foremost has a duty to protect the world from extranormal threats, regardless of the form they take and regardless of how they need to be dealt with, no matter how unpopular those decisions may be.

Maria Hill

Deputy Director
Codename: Denmother
Clearance Level: 9

Deputy Director Hill is Fury’s loyal second in command. She oversees SHIELD’s daily operations, and is usually more accessible than Director Fury. Deputy Director Hill is usually found at the Triskelion in Washington, DC (unlike Fury, who usually operates remotely in the field). Rarely are the two in the same place at the same time in case of catastrophic emergency.


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