Eaglestar International

Formerly based in the US, Eaglestar International is a PMC that is now also the de facto military of the breakaway republic of Aqiria in southern Iraq.

The board of directors of Eaglestar conspired with tribal leaders in southern Iraq to seize control of the region’s oil fields, and basically seceded by force and declared the area to be the sovereign nation of Aqiria. With the threat of Islamist terrorism coming from Syria, there was little the Iraqi military could do about it at the time, and the US military was reluctant to commit forces to fighting against a heavily armed, well-trained PMC of largely American mercenaries.

The US did, however, sanction Eaglestar and seize their corporate headquarters in Lubbock, Texas. Eaglestar was prepared for this, however, and had already moved the lion’s share of their funds to Swiss bank accounts and most of their offices to Luxembourg and Aqiria itself. Eaglestar is now, ostensibly, headquartered in Aqiria, although the board of directors actually reside in Luxembourg.

There is a suspicion that HYDRA was involved in the Eaglestar coup in Aqiria, but until such evidence can be substantiated or there is other evidence of extranormal activity, SHIELD is not becoming involved in the Aqiria crisis.

Eaglestar International

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