Department H

Very little is known about the Canadian extranormal response agency known as Department H. It appears to be the equivalent to government agencies such as MI-13 and ONE. SHIELD only became aware of Department H’s existence in 2001, and it is unclear at what point the agency came into existence prior to that (our best intel suggests sometime in the 1980s).

A large part of why Canada has been able to operate this agency with impunity for this long without much, if anything, being known about it is because Canada is a member of NATO, a SHIELD contributor, and not a nation that SHIELD engages in any active intelligence operations against.

At this time, there is no intention by SHIELD to investigate Department H. Like Britain’s MI-13, Canada has a right to operate its own extranormal response department and can do so without SHIELD’s oversight or interference. The standing orders for SHIELD agents are if you are operating on Canadian soil and find yourself on the same case as a legitimately identified Department H operative, defer to that operative and acknowledge their authority.


It is suspected that Department H is operating its own team of extranormal operatives, similar to STRIKE. The current code-name that COMMS has uncovered for this team is “Alpha Flight”. Few details are known. At this time, if STRIKE agents encounter Alpha Flight operatives, proceed with extreme caution.

Department H

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