Real name: Unknown
Documented extranormal capabilities: Unknown. Possible enhanced strength, speed, and agility. Possibly an enhanced healing factor.

The so-called “Devil of Hell’s Kitchen” started out as something of an urban legend, and has yet to be reliably photographed or recorded on video. Whoever he is, he has spent the past two years violently assaulting criminals in Hell’s Kitchen and driving organized crime out of the neighborhood.

It’s not entirely clear if the costumed vigilante (or vigilantes, it may be more than one person) is actually extranormal. Certainly, their ability to take on violent organized crime using nothing more than their fists and blunt weapons and not be immediately killed suggests that they have significant training at the very least.

This is considered a low-priority matter for SHIELD right now, as it is only having an impact of organized crime in a specific region of New York City and may or may not involve an extranormal individual. If the situation changes, we will re-assess.


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