Cross Technologies

Cross Technologies used to be Pym Technologies, when it was owned by Henry Pym. Henry Pym was a brilliant scientist and a former SHIELD operative and Avenger during the 1980s Avengers Initiative. Pym’s miniaturization technology using his namesake “Pym particles” enabled SHIELD operatives to conceal arms caches, safe-houses, dead drops, and other materials.

However, when SHIELD was outed to the public after Operation Gladio, Pym came to realize how widespread the Avengers Initiative and his involvement with SHIELD was. Prior to this, like all Avengers cells he was unaware of how large SHIELD was or that there were other Avengers teams, and he was morally outraged at how large and widespread the Initiative was, and how his technology was being used.

Pym became a recluse, and his company fell into the hands of his protege, Darren Cross. In the past 20 years, Cross has re-branded the company. He has been unable to properly reproduce or market the true properties of Pym particles (a secret that Dr. Pym took with him in his seclusion), much to this consternation.

SHIELD has been trying to maintain a working relationship with Dr. Cross, but he has mental health issues and distrusts SHIELD. Attempts to contact Dr. Pym have failed. His wife, the former Avenger Janet Van Dyne, is MIA.

Cross Technologies

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