Monica Chang

Director, COMMS
Codename: Diamond
Security Level: 9

Monica Chang is a rising star within SHIELD. She is a former member of SCI-TECH, and worked in the Artificial Intelligence division. An outspoken futurist who believed that an inevitable singularity would force a confrontation with sapient artificial intelligence, Monica believed that SHIELD needed to be on “the right side of history” and vocally opposed weaponizing advanced artificial intelligence.

Director Chang was hand-picked by former COMMS Director Hand according to pre-established Worst-Case Protocols she had left behind before her medical incident, which superseded internal COMMS hierarchy and succession.

Jeremiah Warrick

STRIKE-COMMS Liaison Agent
Codename: Archimedes
Security Level: 8

Jeremiah Warrick was originally a SHIELD archivist, working on researching and studying extranormal artifacts, and determining if any were sufficiently dangerous to warrant being transferred to the SLINGSHOT facility for permanent disposal. Due to circumstances that require Level 8 clearance to elaborate, Warrick was transformed by artifacts he examined into his current form. He does not wish to discuss the matter further and in accordance with SHIELD workplace diversity policies, any comments, jokes, or remarks about Agent Warrick’s condition are completely unacceptable.

Warrick has recently been promoted to Level 8 clearance, acting as Liaison Agent between COMMS and STRIKE.

Faiza Hussein

Occult Data Analyst, COMMS
Codename: Artificer
Security Level: 8

Faiza Hussein is a specialist in matters relating to the occult, in particular artifacts and archaeological sites of mystical significance. She formerly was employed by MI-13, but was persuaded to join SHIELD by her former superior, STRIKE Director Clay Quartermain.

She has been transferred to the COMMS Division per STRIKE Director Quartermain’s suggestion to act as an analyst and expert on all occult and arcane materials that are encountered by STRIKE.

Aaron Davis

Senior Intrusion Specialist, COMMS
Codename: Prowler
Security Level: 8

Aaron Davis’ brother Jefferson was a former SHIELD agent with the SCI-TECH division, and a colleague of COMMS Director Monica Chang. Jefferson was recently KIA, and Chang opted to bring his brother into SHIELD as a favor to her long-time friend.

Aaron Davis is a career cyber-criminal with an extensive federal record, and prior to his recruitment into SHIELD was under a federal ban from accessing the internet except under direct supervision from his parole officer. His unique skills will be put to good use by COMMS, and his previous restrictions have been nullified while he is under SHIELD’s employ.

Olivia Hook

Internal Neuro-Security, COMMS
Codename: Rapture
Security Level: 8
Known extranormal abilities: Olivia Hook is a telepathic Inhuman, the upper limits of her abilities are to be determined.

Olivia Hook was recently taken into SHIELD custody on a STRIKE operation. Her Inhuman DNA was activated by recreational drug usage of the street drug “Kick”, and she had been kidnapped by the Alchemax corporation, and was rescued from Alchemax by STRIKE.

Her Inhuman abilities have manifested as potent telepathy. It has been determined at this time that given events with STRIKE-COMMS and the Crypt, having a full-time telepathic member of staff specifically to avoid neurological interference of base personnel is prudent. Agent Hook has been transferred accordingly. Attempts to interfere with her duties will be regarded with suspicion.

Vincent Jarvis

Global Signals Monitoring, COMMS
Codename: Vision
Security Level: 8
Known extranormal abilities: Vincent has complete control over his physical form, and is capable of altering his density at will to any level. This allows him to become intangible or incredibly dense, fly, exhibit superhuman strength, etc. He is also able to interface with computers and cyberspace using methodology that does not need to be disclosed at this juncture.

Vincent Jarvis has recently joined COMMS. He was previously assigned to work with SWORD, but developments in his career have facilitated a change in his talents and a best use of his capabilities. Further inquiries into this agent’s file need to be cleared with COMMS Director Monica Chang regardless of security level.

Wendell Vaughn

Junior Intrusion Specialist, COMMS
Codename: Marvel Boy
Security Level: 7 (Temporarily Suspended)

Wendell Vaughn is basically the stereotypical college hacker who was given the offer of working for the government or going to federal prison. He’s amazing at what he does, but SHIELD still monitors him closely to make sure he can be trusted. He’s been moved directly to COMMS HQ in the Crypt so that COMMS Director Hand can keep a personal eye on the young man. Fortunately, he seems to be so excited at the prospect of working with STRIKE that any suspicions about his loyalties are assuaged. For now.

UPDATE: Agent Vaughn has been suspended with pay and from active duty and is sequestered to protective custody following a security incident. This detainment is indefinite with Agent Vaughn’s consent until such time as the security issue is resolved. This record is provided for historical purposes only while the situation is being updated.

Victoria Hand

Former Director, COMMS
Codename: Libra
Security Level: 9 (Temporarily Suspended)

Often called “Fury’s Left Hand” (although never to her face), Victoria Hand runs SHIELD COMMS. She is the third-most knowledgeable individual in SHIELD (after Fury and Deputy Director Hill), overseeing all global communications that SHIELD monitors and all forms of cyber-warfare and counter-warfare that SHIELD engages in. A former field agent, Hand knows “the game” better than anyone except perhaps Fury himself, and while Hill may be the Deputy Director, many suspect that when Fury eventually steps down (or dies) that it will be Hand, and not Hill, who takes over SHIELD.

UPDATE: Victoria Hand is on indefinite medical leave. Her profile is provided for historical purposes while records are being updated. Current COMMS Director is Monica Chang.


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