Winter Soldiers

An earlier Leviathan super-soldier project than the Black Widows, the Winter Soldiers are not Skrull-human hybrids. Instead, they appear to be cyborgs and chemically augmented soldiers, using advanced Skrull biochemistry, cybernetics, and robotics.

Wladyslav Shinski was never able to reproduce the Terrigen compound in the blood sample given to him by Herbert Wyndham. Instead, he went in a different direction entirely, turning to Leviathan for assistance and using Skrull technology.

The Winter Soldier program ended in 1986 with Shinski’s death during the Chernobyl Disaster (cross-reference: Avengers Initiative – Pym Cell, Pripyat, Ukraine, 1986). It is not clear how many Winter Soldiers are still in operation, although there is at least one confirmed individual still actively working for Leviathan that was formerly the leader of the Liberators and still at large.

This individual, which Shinski code-named “The Template”, apparently was regarded as “perfect” by Shinski and was robotically duplicated several times over the decades. It is unknown if this individual is the original, or one of the duplicates.

Winter Soldiers

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