Real Name: Rick Jones
Nationality: American
Age: 38
Rick Jones, code-named Whisperer, is one of SHIELD’s best field agents. He’s been part of the agency and fighting against the enemies of freedom for over 15 years. Accustomed to dealing with strange and inexplicable scenarios and threats, nothing really phases the veteran agent.
He was recruited in college by Rick Stoner himself, then director of SHIELD. He was there the day Stoner was assassinated by a Black Widow operative from Leviathan. Dedicating himself to fighting against Leviathan for killing his mentor, he jumped at the chance to join the Avengers program.
Jones was assigned to Hank Pym’s team, and it bothers him quite a bit that he isn’t fully in charge and instead has to take orders from a “mad scientist obsessed with ants”. Given that Pym usually acts as mission control, Whisperer tries to take command of the field team on missions, which runs him into conflict with Pym’s girlfriend, Janet Van Dyne. It infuriates Jones that Wasp thinks she can be the field team leader, given that she’s a civilian over ten years younger than him and is dating Pym. They frequently have conflicts over the issue.
In general, Whisperer believes in the Avengers’ mission, but doesn’t especially care for its membership. The fact that it is composed of “weirdos and traitors” drives him up the wall.

Origin: A Death in the Family – Stoner’s death hit Whisperer hard, and was the reason he became an Avenger.
Drive: Do What Others Cannot – Jones believes that he has what it takes to do what must be done. He doesn’t have time or patience for super-heroics.

Bold: +1
Careful: +0
Clever: +0
Forceful: +1
Quick: -1
Subtle: +2

Power Summary: Veteran SHIELD agent; can pick locks; demolitions expert; speaks ten languages; master of disguise; excellent shot; extremely charismatic

Power Profile
Simple: Diffuse a bomb, pick a lock
Difficult: Hit a bulls-eye at 200 feet
Borderline: Drive at breakneck speed without crashing
Possible: Outrun the explosion
Impossible: Survive being shot in the head

Limitations: Rick doesn’t actually have any super-powers, and doesn’t use a super-suit like the Wasp does, so he’s ultimately limited to anything a human being can do normally, and can be killed just as easily. While he is not a super-human at all, his life as a veteran secret agent alienates him from a lot of people, especially civilians, so he finds it frequently difficult to fit in when he’s not undercover and just trying to be a normal person (+1 Simple, +1 difficult Powers on Power Profile, +5 Bond Points)

Bond Threshold: 12
SHIELD: +5. Rick Jones is a veteran field agent who is extremely well-regarded in SHIELD. He knows Nick Fury personally and was the protege of the late Rick Stoner.
Flashback: +3. Rick and Jenny get along pretty well, all things considered. He respects her drive to be a field agent and has taken her under his wing.
Hyperion: +2. Rick likes Marcus for the most part. He’s a good field agent, and doesn’t over-use his powers to solve every problem. He doesn’t believe Marcus is really an alien, though.
Nomad: +2. Rick has a begrudged respect for Alexi. He doesn’t trust him, but he also respects how much Alexi hates Leviathan and that he’s good at what he does.
Reflex: +2. Rick likes Reflex’s professionalism and skill, although the two run into conflict over SHIELD protocol and Reflex’s lone wolf tendencies.
The Wasp: -1. Rick and Janet don’t get along, and frequently run into conflict over who is field team leader. He doesn’t especially respect or like Hank for that matter.
Hank Pym: -1. Rick dislikes Hank Pym and considers him a “mad scientist”. He doesn’t like that he has to answer to Pym and doesn’t respect his work.


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