The Wasp

Real Name: Janet Van Dyne
Nationality: American
Age: 26
Janet Van Dyne is the girlfriend of Hank Pym, the Avenger known as Ant-Man. Janet uses technology designed by Hank in the field that she has further modified to serve as the Wasp.
Unlike Hank, who prefers to be in his lab and only goes into the field reluctantly, Janet actively wants to be a field agent (and really, a super-hero) and jumps at the chance to be sent on missions with the Avengers.
In her civilian life, Janet is a fashion designer, which serves her well as it gives her a valid reason to travel around the world and keep strange hours. She moonlights as a super-hero, despite Hank’s protestations and SHIELD’s directive against that sort of thing. However, because her powers allow her to perform heroic acts unseen, she’s thus far gotten away with it.
A brilliant engineer herself, Janet is deeply in love with Hank and they share a love of science. However, she often finds herself frustrated with him and his constant lab work. It was Janet who convinced Hank to join the Avengers and run the team, which he largely does remotely as mission control. Janet usually acts as the field leader, if Whisperer isn’t around. The two compete for leadership of the team on missions.

Origin: What I Know – While Janet doesn’t have any super-powers herself, her technological knowledge and understanding of global events drives her to do something to help.
Drive: Inspire – Janet wants badly to be a super-hero and give hope to the world. She is driven by a desire to do good and fight against evil actively.

Bold: +1
Careful: -1
Clever: +2
Forceful: +0
Quick: +0
Subtle: +1

Power Summary: Wears the Wasp suit allows her to shrink to the size of an insect, fly, and project blasts of energy; expert engineer; extremely wealthy

Power Profile
Simple: Shrink to the size of an insect, fly
Difficult: Blast enemies with bolts of energy
Borderline: Shrink large objects along with her
Possible: Shrink to microscopic size
Impossible: Shrink to sub-atomic size

Limitations: Janet needs her suit to use her powers, and doesn’t have any powers without it. Her suit is powered by “Pym Particles”, an exotic energy source that needs to be periodically replenished back in Hank’s lab. If Janet shrinks down beyond the microscopic level she might not ever come back, Hank doesn’t know what will happen if she does. Janet is charismatic and doesn’t possess any super-powers herself, so she finds it only occasionally difficult to fit in with others (+1 Simple Power on Power Profile, +6 Bond Points)

Bond Threshold: 13
SHIELD: +1. Janet likes being part of SHIELD well enough, mostly because it lets her fight bad guys and save people. She doesn’t like a lot of the organization’s rules and secretly still engages as a costumed super-hero in her off hours.
Flashback: +3. Janet and Jenny are best friends. Janet thinks Jenny is a total bad-ass and envies her super-hero heritage. She keeps trying to encourage Jenny to costume up and go out with her on secret super-hero missions, but thus far Jenny has refused.
Hyperion: +2. Janet gets along with Marcus pretty well. They have a lot of conversations about goodness and the human condition, and Janet’s one of the few on the team who believe Marcus really is an alien.
Nomad: +1. Janet gives Alexi a wide berth, and doesn’t really try to understand him. They’re cordial and polite to each other, but she keeps her distance.
Reflex: +2. Janet actually likes Reflex, because he’s a rebellious ninja that doesn’t obediently listen to authority (unlike Rick). His undead nature is off-putting, though.
Whisperer: -1. Janet actively dislikes Rick and wishes he wasn’t on the team. She feels Rick drags the team down by not having any powers or access to technology like her Wasp suit, and feels like he’s an annoying chaperone here to ruin their good time.
Hank Pym: +5. Hank and Janet are deeply in love, although Janet also gets frustrated with Hank’s unwillingness to go into the field and how he sometimes spends time in the lab instead of spending time with her when she is around.

The Wasp

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