The Ultimates

The Ultimates were formed in 2012, after the Synthezoid Incursion incident. Director Fury and Director Jones concluded that ARMOR needed an extranormal rapid response unit of their own separate and distinct from the Avengers specifically to respond to incursions and other multiversal crises that would not compromise the clearance levels of the Avengers.

The Ultimates were created in response. Their roster has fluctuated over the years, as they have experienced a few casualties in the line of duty. In accordance with ARMOR security protocols, the specific identities of those casualties will not be mentioned in this document, and only the current Ultimates roster will be highlighted.

The Ultimates respond to threats only of a multiversal or extra-dimensional nature, no matter how severe they may otherwise be. This is a controversial policy decision within ARMOR and even within the Ultimates themselves, as incursions are rare and often there are global crises that they could be responding to covertly but are ordered not to. However, Director Fury has decided that risking having the Ultimates diverted to anything other than their mandated purposes risks having them unavailable when something within their remit actually takes place, and given the nature of the Thule Incident, ultimately Director Fury was proven correct.

The Ultimates’ HQ is the mobile quincarrier vehicle codenamed the Chariot. They are almost always aboard this vessel when not deployed, except in the rare instances when they are permitted personal leave, are off-world on an alternate Earth, or are at another ARMOR facility.

James Rhodes

Team Leader, the Ultimates
Codename: War Machine
Clearance Level: 8Θ
Documented extranormal abilites: None. James Rhodes is not an extranormal individual, but is a trained and experienced Air Force pilot and SHIELD agent. In combat, he uses power armor that is a heavily modified derivation of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, focusing on enhanced weapons systems.

James “Rhodey” Rhodes is the Ultimates team leader. After a decorated career with the US Air Force, he decided to join SHIELD alongside his best friend and long-time collaborator, Tony Stark. However, their career paths took very different turns. Tony joined the Avengers, becoming the world-famous Iron Man. Rhodey went into the shadows, being hand-picked by Rick Jones and Nick Fury to lead the Ultimates.

Sam Wilson

Aerial Reconnaissance, the Ultimates
Codename: Falcon
Clearance Level: 8Θ
Documented extranormal abilities: None. Wilson is not an extranormal individual. His field capabilities come from training with the US military and as a SHIELD OPS agent, and from advanced prototype technology including a jet-assisted wing-suit with vibranium-reinforced wings and an aerial reconnaissance and combat drone (codenamed Redwing) that he is able to remotely control with a neural link device.

Sam Wilson is Rhodes’ second-in-command, and one of the longest serving members of the Ultimates. He was originally chosen as a potential Avenger, but Fury decided that he would be better served as a black operative on the Ultimates team.

Pietro Maximoff

Rapid Response, the Ultimates
Codename: Quicksilver
Clearance Level: 8Θ
Documented extranormal abilities: Pietro is able to accelerate to superhuman speeds, with matching reflex and response times. He also has increased healing and recovery capacity.

Pietro and his sister Wanda are recent additions to the Ultimates, replacing two recent casualties to the team. They are actually individuals who were apprehended by a SHIELD black op and determined to be more victims of circumstance than real criminals.

After being debriefed and retrained, the twins were transferred to the Ultimates. Pietro mostly serves as ground recon and evac in a crisis, and allows the team to obtain intel in seconds.

Wanda Maximoff

High-Level Threat Resolution, the Ultimates
Codename: Scarlet Witch
Clearance Level: 8Θ
Documented extranormal abilities: Wanda is a telepath and telekinetic, with her telekinesis seemingly so potent she can impact quantum waveform collapse, creating massive levels of destruction and chaos. She is one of the most powerful documented extranormals SHIELD has ever encountered and, if she was not an asset, would be classified as a top-level threat.

Wanda is the other newest member of the team, alongside her twin brother Pietro. Because of her mental health concerns and personal history, and sheer intensity of her powers, the Ultimates do not directly deploy her in the field except in extreme emergencies (Code Scarlet). In many ways, she is the Ultimates’ equivalent to Bruce Banner; a team member, but only fully unleashed in the field in times of dire need.

Gwen Stacy

Frontline Combat and Recon, the Ultimates
Codename: Spider-Woman
Clearance Level: 8Θ
Documented extranormal abilities: Superhuman strength, agility, and reflex speed, and an ability to adhere to any surface no matter how sheer. Gwen also uses a number of devices of her own design, including wrist-mounted web-shooters.

Gwen Stacy is not originally from our Earth. Originally from Earth-501 (“The Refuge”), she came to our world as part of the Refugee Crisis Incursion event. She played a pivotal role in resolving that crisis, and as a result joined the Ultimates team full-time and now resides on our Earth.

On Earth-501, it appears that Gwen Stacy seems to have undergone much of the same life path as Peter Parker has undergone on our Earth, and has similar extranormal powers. This appears to have happened prior to the events that caused Earth-501 to become a galactic refugee camp.

There is, in fact, a Gwen Stacy on our Earth. Our intel reports that she is a high school student, and a classmate of Peter Parker.

The Ultimates

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