The Second Kree-Skrull War

The Second-Kree Skrull War is possibly the most important piece of galactic politics you need to be aware of as an Agent. While Earth is not currently, as of this writing, a player in the war, this could change very quickly.

The Downfall of a Dynasty (2001)

For over ten thousand years, since the end of the first Kree-Skrull War, the Skrull Empire has been ruled by the Dorrek Dynasty. The Emperors have always maintained that it was the destiny of the Skrulls to reclaim what they lost in the first war to the Kree, even if the Xandar Treaty stopped them from doing so. They did so mostly through a cold war and subterfuge, and for the most part, this appeased the Skrulls and the rule of the Dorrek Emperors was popular among their people.

However, in 2001, Emperor Dorrek VII died of a wasting disease that seems to be a Skrull equivalent to cancer. Due to complex Skrull politics, Dorrek VII’s older brother Prince Dezan became the new Emperor instead of one of Dorrek’s many children.

Emperor Dezan was a reformer, and wanted to actually improve relations with the Kree Empire and take the Skrull Empire in a new direction that was extremely popular among many of the older Skrulls but extremely unpopular with younger, more zealous Skrulls who believed more deeply in Skrull cultural and racial superiority and had no living memory of the first war.

Civil revolts started within the first year of Dezan’s reign. Instead of cracking down, the Emperor encouraged dissenting opinions and civil discussion and attempted to find common ground with his brethren.

Rise of the Dard’van (2008)

A religious movement began to gain steam in the Skrull Empire, among the otherwise irreligious Skrulls. Known as the Dard’van, the cult believed in the absolute racial superiority of the Skrulls and preached that not only should the Skrulls dominate other species, they should eradicate them as well. This genocidal movement stood in direct opposition to Emperor Dezan’s reign, but by 2008 became too powerful for the Emperor to outlaw or speak out directly against.

Regime Change and Declaration of War (2012)

Emperor Dezan was assassinated in 2012. Officially, the Skrull Empire blames Kree Empire agents for this act, although many believe that it was actually the Dard’van who committed this act to depose Dezan and install a new ruler. Veranke, Dorrek VII’s eldest daughter and high priestess of the Dard’van, became the new Empress of the Skrull Empire.

Empress Veranke changed the Skrull Empire into a theocratic state, and made the Dard’van the official state religion, forcing conversion on those Skrulls who were not already part of the movement. They began horrific purges of Skrull Empire vassal worlds, committing genocide on an interstellar scale.

The Skrull Empire also declared war on the Kree Empire, using the assassination of Emperor Dezan as their casus belli under the Xandar Treaty.

The Second Kree-Skrull War began five years ago. Earth is thus far not included in the the fight, and we are trying to stay out of it and beneath the notice of the two galactic super-powers, but we still receive intelligence on it.

The Second Kree-Skrull War

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