The Parliament

The Council isn’t the only multiversal power that we need to be aware of. The Parliament seems to operate on the same scale and scope, and the two appear to be directly opposed in some kind of Multiverse Cold War.

Even less is known about the Parliament than the Council, other than they exist and they dictate terms to us every time they appear. Similar to the Council, the Parliament’s technology is vastly outside our own understanding.

After the Parliament intruded on our own world in pursuit of a fugitive Hank Pym from another universe, the Ultimates defeated a Parliament Archon in combat. Our researchers were able to glean few details from the remains before they self-destructed, killing two staff members and doing extensive damage.

We know that the Parliament seems, as their name suggests, to be some form of multiversal governing body, ruled over by a figure known as Rabum Alal. Beyond that, we know little else.

Agents of the Parliament we have encountered include:


The Archons are the only agents of the Parliament that ARMOR has personally encountered thus far. They appear to be advanced robots, different from Synthezoids or the artificial beings used by the Council. They are extremely powerful, and the entire Ultimates team was only able to defeat one out of a pair, and in doing so still wasn’t able to protect the person the Archons were trying to kill. They are capable of projecting enormous amounts of unknown energy as blasts, structures, and fields of force, and have other abilities we were not able to ascertain before the Archon remains our scientists were studying self-destructed.

The Parliament

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