The Helicarrier


The existence of the SHIELD Helicarrier is not known to the general public or even most of SHIELD. It is a massive flying fortress, created using repulsor technology developed in conjunction with Stark Industries (prior to Tony Stark deciding to move away from the weapons market). It serves as a mobile aircraft carrier for SHIELD Quinjets and as a command base for SHIELD field agents.

It serves as the primary base of operations for the Avengers, and is also where Executive Director Nick Fury is usually operating from. Where the Helicarrier is at any given time is difficult to ascertain, as it uses advanced cloaking technology above and beyond the stealth tech on SHIELD Quinjets.

Currently, there is only one Helicarrier in SHIELD’s fleet, although there is plans to produce more at a future date when it becomes financially feasible to do so.

The Helicarrier

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