The First Kree-Skrull War

The First Kree-Skrull War was one of the most important events in galactic history, even if it took place over ten thousand years ago. It has shaped interstellar politics and still continues to impact Earth’s place in the galaxy to this day. We are still caught in the middle between these two galactic superpowers, so it’s important for any Agent to be aware of the history, in brief, of this conflict.

The Skrulls Take Shape (12,000 BCE)

Apparently the Skrulls were not always a species of shapeshifters and telepaths. They evolved on a planet called Skrullos, and like most of the galaxy’s sentient species they were interfered with by the Celestials. However, it seems that rather than have an entire sub-species of Eternals, there was only one among them with godlike power. Or, it is perhaps possible that over time one individual killed the others. It’s not clear.

Nonetheless, according to Skrull mythology, this godlike being known as the Shaper of Worlds bestowed on all Skrulls the ability to shapeshift and their potential for telepathy. He ruled their people as a God-Emperor, and led them on a campaign of conquest into the stars.

The Kree Empire Rises (11,750 BCE)

Elsewhere in the galaxy, the Kree species dominated their homeworld of Hala and began to travel into space, attaining a technology level roughly equivalent to where we are now. Kree scientists then made an amazing breakthrough, creating an AI supercomputer that they called the Supreme Intelligence.

The Supreme Intelligence managed to revolutionize Kree society over the next few decades, as the Kree trusted it and utilized it to make their lives more efficient. Eventually, the Intelligence was outright put in charge of the entire world, and it led them to create faster-than light technology and to create an interstellar empire.

The Empires Clash (11,500 BCE)

The Kree and Skrull Empires encountered each other for the first time, and very shortly thereafter, ended up declaring war as neither could truly tolerate the other. Both had numerous vassal states and fleets at their disposal after hundreds of years of development, and engaged in interstellar warfare the likes of which no galactic record had shown up to that point.

The Devourer Comes to Skrullos (10,500 BCE)

After a thousand years of warfare, doom came to Skrullos. Not from the Kree, but from Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds. The Shaper of Worlds sacrificed himself and the Skrull homeworld itself so that his people could escape, forming a new homeworld for themselves on Tarnax IV. Galactus destroyed Skrullos and the Shaper of Worlds. At this point, the Skrulls abandoned faith in the God-Emperor and became increasingly secular. They crowned a new Emperor, Dorrek I.

The Xandar Treaty (10,499 BCE)

On the world of Xandar, Kree representatives of the Supreme Intelligence and the Skrull Emperor Dorrek I signed the Xandar Treaty, ending the First Kree-Skrull War. The Skrull Empire, in no position to continue the war having lost their homeworld, were forced to pay brutal reparations to the Kree and release many of their vassals. Dorrek I was incredibly embittered by the situation, and the Kree knew he was determined to continue a cold war despite the Treaty.

The Galactic Cold War (10,500 BCE – 2012 CE)

The Galactic Cold War was, technically, the longest period of uninterrupted large-scale peace in documented history. Technically. In reality, it has been a period of constant espionage, terrorist acts, proxy wars, and other ways to obey the letter of the Xandar Treaty for thousands of years. Even the Kree-Skrull conflict on Earth during the Hyborian Age was essentially a small-scale skirmish that was not really considered a true part of a war.

The Galactic Cold War ended in 2012 CE when Emperor Dorrek VII was assassinated by the Dard’van and Empress Veranke assumed the throne, declaring war on the Kree Empire.

The First Kree-Skrull War

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