The Devourer

Fermi’s Paradox is an apparent contradiction between the high probability for the existence of intelligent alien life and the lack of evidence for its existence. Obviously, SWORD has such evidence, which should prove Fermi’s Paradox incorrect.

Nonetheless, the math still doesn’t add up. Based on the contact we have made and the information we have gathered from our off-world contacts, there should still be more alien life out there than we have encountered. If anything, the paucity of alien life we have encountered thus far that possesses faster-than-light travel confirms Fermi’s Paradox rather than disproves it.

However, there may be a reason for it.

According to the most ancient records we were able to procure, there was an avian species known as the Shi’ar Empire that existed an unknown number of years ago. Possible range of years is in the hundreds of thousands to millions. The Shi’ar Empire was one of the first galactic civilizations, and they had achieved faster-than-light travel thanks to a powerful artifact they had created called the M’Kraan Crystal.

Soon after, some kind of entity or species or fleet (this is unclear) arrived at their world and destroyed it and the Shi’ar. The planet itself was physically destroyed, ripped apart by forces we do not understand.

The Shi’ar named this entity Gah Lak Tus; “The Devourer of Worlds”, a name that over time the rest of the galaxy has come to call simply “The Devourer” or “Galactus”.

The Shi’ar were a deeply telepathic race, and their mass genocide caused a psionic feedback that coalesced into a pyrokinetic entity that escaped Galactus and traveled to another world, trying to rally its people to fight against the Devourer. When Galactus arrived, this fiery avian force failed to defeat Galactus, and the telepathic energies of the slain inhabitants of that world were added to the force. It fled, and continued its crusade against the Devourer. According to galactic myth, this “Phoenix Force” has been locked in this immortal duel with Galactus for thousands, possibly millions of years, constantly losing but growing stronger with each loss.

There is no indication at this present time that Galactus is headed for Earth, however there is speculation that an agent of STRIKE may currently be the host for the actual Phoenix Force. This still needs confirmation. Practice Op-Sec protocols as the presence of the Phoenix Force on Earth may panic local extra-terrestrial inhabitants who are aware of the Galactus-Phoenix myth and may see the Phoenix as the harbinger of Galactus.

The Devourer

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