The Dard'van

The Dard’van are a religious extremist group within the Skrull Empire, and currently control the Empire as their leader, Empress Veranke, is also the leader of the Empire itself.

Veranke has made the Dard’van the state religion, and is forcing conversion to her religious movement on all Skrulls whether they like it or not. Thus far, many in the Empire have at least tacitly endorsed the movement at least to avoid persecution, even if they may quietly be sowing seeds of dissent.

The Dard’van believe that the Shaper of Worlds will return. They believe in an eschaton for all the “lesser species”, a universe that will be cleansed of all non-Skrull life by the returning Shaper, and only the Skrulls will be left to rule. To achieve this goal, they must eliminate all other races and make sacrifices in the Shaper’s name, making the Dard’van a genocidal religion that centers on exterminating all non-Skrulls.

Whereas the Skrull Empire previously was blatantly racist and imperialist but still at least tolerated the existence of other species as vassals in its empire, the Skrull Empire under the Dard’van see other species as only fit to be destroyed.

Accordingly, they’ve essentially made enemies of the entire galaxy.

As of this writing, there is no evidence to show that the Dard’van have discovered or made contact with Earth (mercifully). There is also no evidence that states that the Skrulls that inhabit Earth (the 1908 Group and their descendents that make up Leviathan) know about the Dard’van and the current state of the Empire. They left the Skrull Empire over a hundred years ago, when Emperor Dorrek VII was still alive and the Dard’van didn’t exist. We don’t know how they will react when/if they find out the current state of Skrull politics and culture.

The Dard'van

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