The Council

A dangerous and mysterious multiversal group, the Council doesn’t seem to be native to any one specific world. Instead, it seems to be operating on multiple worlds, and in-between worlds. Its technology is beyond not just our own, but of any alien species we have encountered in this reality or any other.

Our Exploration Corps first encountered the Council on Earth-44, when a Council Executor directed us to leave that reality immediately and, when the team attempted to obtain more information, attacked.

The Corps defeated that lone Executor with great difficulty, but had to immediately flee when two Quaestors showed up and engaged.

The Corps managed to escape with pieces of the Executor back to the Hollow, but shortly thereafter (and only when we had begun to scratch the surface of the Executor’s technology) a message was transmitted to ARMOR from the Council demanding we return everything immediately or suffer the consequences. Not wanting to provoke an overwhelming force we had just met, Director Jones agreed to the terms, and we met back on Earth-44 to return the Executor’s remains.

The Council forbid ARMOR from returning to Earth-44, and also designated a series of other worlds as forbidden from ARMOR’s exploration (45, 295, 616, 811, 1610, 2149) without explaining why.

We do not know who runs the Council, or what purpose they truly serve. Given the terms and nature of their engagement with ARMOR, it is possible that they perform a function similar to SHIELD in a broad sense for the Multiverse itself; guarding against existential threats to the whole of all realities, and not allowing for errant or dangerous travel to places that ought to be protected.

What is known is that the Council is not unopposed. It is embroiled in a complex Multiverse Cold War with another, similar multiversal power known as the Parliament, for reasons that are not clear. It is possible that the Council and the Parliament are nearly identical, perhaps themselves alternate versions of each other originating from different spans of worlds that encountered each other and naturally came to the conclusion that the other are the enemy.

Specific Council agents and threats we have encountered include:


Council Executors appear to be synthetic in nature. It is unclear if they are truly sentient, or simply virtual intelligences that are very well-programmed to perform their tasks.

They serve the Council as spies, emissaries, diplomats, and assassins. They seem to be the primary instrument of the Council’s will.

Their bodies are composed of an unknown, transmorphic metallic substance that allows them to take nearly any shape or texture and is highly malleable. The form they seem to default to when not in disguise is bizarre and alien, suggesting perhaps the Council themselves are not human in nature.

However, their malleable form does allow them to disguise themselves and pass unnoticed. The first Executor that engaged our team on Earth-44 approached us in human form; it was only when fought in combat that it reverted to its natural state.


Quaestors appear to be the Council’s “muscle”, possibly shock troops or troubleshooters. They are composed of similar transmorphic materials as Executors, but it is reinforced and energized in a way we do not fully comprehend. Quaestors are larger, significantly, and adopt a semi-bipedal bodyplane, being around twice the size of a large grizzly bear.

They have a myriad of different adaptive weapons and defensive systems, and at this point ARMOR have not been able to defeat them. Current combat doctrine is to not engage and retreat, and ARMOR command will attempt to negotiate the situation that caused the incident with the Council.

The Council

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