The Chariot

The Quincarrier-1, codenamed “The Chariot”, is the Ultimates HQ and personal transport vehicle.

It is essentially a half-step between the full-sized Helicarrier and a SHIELD Quinjet (hence the name), itself capable of carrying a Quinjet and a half-dozen Sky-Cycles and a ground transport vehicle inside while remaining aloft effectively indefinitely.

The Chariot has advanced stealth and cloaking capabilities derived from the Helicarrier’s technology, and uses Stark repulsor technology to minimize its travel profile and emissions.

It is bristling with weapons, and provides aerial support and bombardment to the Ultimates when dealing with Incursions. Deputy Director Korvac usually commands the Chariot directly when the Ultimates are deployed, unless Ultimates leader James Rhodes has the deck.

The Chariot has a fold-gate on board connecting it to the Hollow, but cannot itself travel multiversally. This oversight is being worked on.

The Chariot

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