The Celestial Myth

Galactic history is incredibly complex and long, and SWORD’s contact with alien races has vastly expanded our knowledge of the history of civilization as a whole. That is beyond the scope of this document as it pertains to your duties as an agent.

However, there are some salient overlapping details that appear repeatedly through-out the histories of a myriad of different alien species, going back into their pre-history and mythology.

The Celestials

Appearing in the overwhelming majority of sentient species that we have encountered through-out the galaxy is the presence of pre-historic interference by a race of enormously powerful aliens that leave little trace of their presence beyond genetic interference and uplifting a percentage of that species into nearly godlike, immortal beings (as a whole, referred to as Eternals). This is a recurring pattern through-out the universe, and the various species of the galaxy ascribe names to this alien race that generally translate to some variant of the word “Celestial”.

It is not known where Celestials came from, or what their purpose in creating these godlike Eternals was. They came, they created, they left. The Eternals on some worlds became rulers for a time, although almost inevitably in nearly all cases were overthrown by the majority populace of the rest of their species who resented their godlike overseers.

On our planet, the Eternals became the Asgardians.

There is at least one known instance of a Celestial corpse, the head of which forms the intergalactic trading post Knowhere. What killed that Celestial is not known.

The Celestial Myth

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