The 1908 Group

Crash-landing on Earth in Tunguska, Siberia, the 1908 Group are an unknown number of Skrulls who quickly infiltrated the Russian government and military, and deeply entrenched themselves into the Soviet Union power structure when the revolution came.

They formed the group Leviathan, a secret society that intertwined inside the government, military, NKVD, and KGB. When the Soviet Union fell, Leviathan lost considerable power. Contrary to the theories of some in SHIELD who do not fully understand the scope of Leviathan or who truly runs the organization, Leviathan did not facilitate the Soviet Union’s collapse for their own gains. The USSR collapsed on its own, it had become too large and too corrupt for a small group of Skrulls to manage from the shadows.

The current Russian government, which is ostensibly democratic but in practice is fairly totalitarian, is aware of Leviathan’s alien influence and has no tolerance for it. The Russian President is hostile to Leviathan (apparently having run afoul of them during his days with the KGB), and he is actively trying to purge them from the FSB and other government agencies.

However, because the Russian government is still heavily reliant on oligarchs and business interests, including the Leviathan-backed Kronas Corporation, the government can only do too much to try to expunge the Skrulls. This is why SHIELD is forbidden from trying to deal with Leviathan in Russia, and why Russia considers Leviathan a closed subject.

It is unknown at this present time how many of the 1908 Group survived the crash, how many are still alive today, and how many are still loyal to Leviathan and harbor imperialist, anti-human sentiment. Some may have rebelled against the others. We have no evidence to support this, but elsewhere in the galaxy there are non-Imperial Skrulls, so Skrulls are just as capable of making choices for themselves as any sentient race.

It is also unclear how many Skrulls have been born on Earth from the 1908 Group. It is known that the Skrulls have interbred with humans (see: the Black Widow program), but they also seem to have reproduced with each other. SWORD has apprehended at least one Russian national who is a Skrull born here on Earth to two parents from the 1908 Group. These individuals are, in our experience, fiercely loyal to Leviathan and should be treated with extreme caution.

At this present time, we have no evidence to suggest that Leviathan or any Skrulls on Earth have contact with the greater Skrull Empire, who have undergone a significant cultural and political shift since 1908 (see: the Dard’van). It is unclear as of this writing what ramifications will occur when/if the 1908 Group makes contact with the rest of their species.

UPDATE: June 3rd, 2017

With the acquisition of recent intel, SWORD now has more details on the 1908 Group, their reason for coming to Earth, their inner workings, and some of their own schisms.

It appears that originally, they were a Skrull archaeological team, looking for ancient sites related to the Skrull Empire from the time of the first Kree-Skrull War. Accompanying and leading that team was the Skrull Imperial Crown Prince, Z’Reg.

Their ship was attacked by concealed Kree defense satellites (installed by the Accusers when they left Earth thousands of years ago) and they crash-landed in Tunguska. Z’Reg wanted to rebuild their ship and find a way off the planet, but he was betrayed by some of his own people who wanted to stay on Earth and rule it. Z’Reg fled, and the rest became the 1908 Group who formed Leviathan, rejecting “Emperors, Gods, and Kings” and embracing values like communism and soviet crypto-states.

According to our intel from a Leviathan defector, Z’Reg died in World War 2, killed by Leviathan agents.

Leviathan’s leader, the Magadan, is one of the 1908. They form a group of Skrulls known as “The First”, referring to the “First Generation” of those who crash-landed on Earth. They are the inner circle of Leviathan, and hold all the real power. According to our defector, there are over two hundred of the First still alive today.

Our defector is one of “The Second”, a full-blooded Skrull but one of the second generation born to two parents of the First here on Earth. The Second are generally fairly high in Leviathan’s hierarchy, but have issues of being trusted and have problems with self-identifying strongly with Earth and their country of origin. Many, including our defector, see themselves as Russians first and Skrulls second.

Beneath the Second are, logically, the Third, the youngest generation of “pure-blooded” Skrulls. Given the small number of the 1908 Group, there’s very few of the Third who exist, and even fewer who occupy positions of power or trust within Leviathan.

Instead, most of the children of the Second are Skrull-Human Hybrids, like the Black Widows and their adjacent male counterparts, the Wolf Spiders (a program that, until our defector, we didn’t even know existed).

More updates will follow as we learn more about Leviathan and their inner workings.

The 1908 Group

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