Technologically Advanced

The world has changed drastically since the turn of the millennium. There are technologies and devices available now, and on the bleeding edge of science, that enable some people to perform incredible feats and grant unbelievable powers.

The Cyborg

Cybernetics has seen a lot of advancements in the last decade. No longer restricted purely to prosthesis for people who lack limbs or vital organs, cybernetics now stray into the realm of outright augmentation.
There are a handful of known companies, agencies, and organizations developing this level of cybernetics, and your character may be a product of their work.
Cybertek: The most famous producer of cybernetics, Cybertek is mostly focused on providing medical prosthesis at this time, largely to combat veterans. However, they are a defense contractor and are working on augmentations with military and security purposes in mind.
SHIELD: SHIELD has, itself, been developing cybernetic augmentations for its agents, both as compensation for injuries sustained in the line of duty and to enhance the agents’ capabilities. SHIELD’s SCI-TEC and MED divisions work closely together on this technology.
Latveria: Doom’s regime provides its elite soldiers not only with advanced body armor and weapons, but also cybernetic augmentations designed by Doom himself. A character who is of Latverian origin is likely a defector to SHIELD.
The Fixer: Dr. Paul Ebersol is a supplier of armor, weaponry, and cybernetics to the criminal underworld. Some who come to Ebersol are desperate people who sign Faustian bargains with the Fixer in exchange for life-changing technology, and become indebted to the man as a result. Some have since turned a new leaf and fight against him, some of whom might be part of SHIELD.
Leviathan: Leviathan has an advanced cybernetics program, developed by the Kronas Corporation, and some Leviathan agents (such as the infamous Winter Soldier) have upgrades developed by Leviathan scientists. Defection from Leviathan is extremely dangerous, but not unheard of.
HYDRA/Serpent Society: Many of HYDRA’s Serpent Society faction have been cybernetically augmented. Because the Society has a constantly fluctuating membership (as members are apprehended or killed in action), it’s possible your character might be a former member of the Society who has joined SHIELD.

Suggested Origins: I’m Back From the Dead, The Deal, The Wake-Up Call, My Mission, What I Carry
Suggested Drives: Figure Out Who I Am, Keep the Past at Bay, Reconcile My Past, Start Anew

Example Characters: The Fixer, Deathlok, Winter Soldier, Ulysses Klaue, Constrictor

The Prototype

While Stark Industries are the most famous producers of power armor, they are not alone in creating weapons, armor, and other gadgets that enable the user to do incredible things.
While power armor and other such gadgets aren’t exactly available on the open market, there’s a few different sources for such technology out there, if your character was a former member of that group or somehow acquired it from them.
Stark Industries: While the general public is aware of Tony Stark’s activities as the power armored super-hero Iron Man, the Iron Man suit is only one such device powered by an arc reactor and using Stark’s proprietary repulsor technology. Stark refuses to sell his power armor designs or repulsor weapons tech to third parties or governments, for fear that such power would cause an endless arms race, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen that some might come to possess Stark’s tech and do what they want with it.
AIM: Advanced Idea Mechanics was Stark’s primary competitor when Stark was a defense contractor. Now that Stark is out of the weapons business, AIM has pushed ahead with creating power armor and advanced weapons for the military (and private sale).
Hammer Advanced Weapons Systems: Hammer is considered a sort of “Stark knock-off”, with many of their projects considered to be inferior derivatives of Stark designs. Nonetheless, its possible they might’ve made something quite remarkable that the general public doesn’t know about.
Cross Technologies: A defense contractor, Darren Cross’ company is less focused on replicating a weaponized suit of armor like Stark’s Iron Man suit, and more on unlocking the secret of “Pym Particles”, a theoretical particle that can fundamentally alter size and mass of objects. Cross’ company has yet to produce viable results, but your character might be a former Cross researcher who absconded with such tech (or other projects).
Latveria: Doom’s Latveria is a techno-feudal state, where his elite military have extensive weaponry, power armor, and sometimes cybernetics. Your character could be a Latverian defector with stolen Doom technology, or simply someone who acquired and modified Latverian tech from the black market.
Wakanda/Vibranium: Wakanda is the world’s only supplier of the incredible metal Vibranium. It’s a trade they tightly control, and largely reserve weaponization of the metal for their own agents and soldiers. However, there are smugglers like Ulysses Klaue who have managed to make Vibranium available on the black market.
SHIELD: Unknown to the rest of the world, SHIELD has been working on their own power armor programs and special prototypes for years. SHIELD SCI-TEC are some of the best engineers in the world, and are encouraged to create all manner of experimental tech. Some of SHIELD’s power armor technology is derivative of Stark’s work, something the Avenger is not aware of and would not be happy about.

Suggested Origins: The Deal, The Wake-Up Call, My Legacy, My Mission, What I Carry, What I Know
Suggested Drives: Create, Inspire, Lead, Protect, Rebel, See Justice Done

Example Characters: Iron Man, Ant-Man, the Wasp, Whiplash, Doctor Doom, Black Panther

Technologically Advanced

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