A constitutional monarchy in the Balkans, the tiny Kingdom of Symkaria is devastatingly poor and fraught with crime. A neighbor to Latveria, the nearby technologically advanced despotic nation exploits Symkaria for labor and sells weapons to its mercenaries.

Symkaria’s economy is almost entirely black market, with drugs, human trafficking, and mercenary companies being cornerstones of the GDP. When people question the horrible conditions of Latveria, Victor Von Doom often points to how the world has done nothing about the state of Symkaria and dares to question him.

King Stefan of Symkaria is corrupt, but thoroughly entrenched in power and uses Latverian weapons and Symkarian mercenaries to keep himself on the throne.

Symkaria is a powder keg. Eventually it will explode, and how Victor Von Doom responds to a civil war next door will change politics in the region.


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