Support Staff

ARMOR’s Support Staff are the core working parts of the agency. The researchers, engineers, security agents, and other critical personnel who don’t engage in field work. While the Exploration Corps and the Ultimates may be seen as more glamorous, without the Support Staff none of ARMOR would function.

Jonathon Ohnn

Chief Research Scientist, ARMOR
Codename: Exact
Clearance Level: 8Η

Dr. Ohnn is ARMOR’s chief scientist, and heads research at the Hollow, ARMOR HQ. He helped design ARMOR’s multiversal transit device (codenamed “Holepunch”). He’s one of the leading minds in the field of quantum mechanics, rivaling men like Reed Richards.

His influence and quest for new scientific knowledge is what keeps the Exploration Corps afloat. Without him, Director Jones would have likely shut the Corps down after the Synthezoid Incursion.

Jane Foster

Interspatial Phenomenon Specialist
Codename: Positive
Clearance Level: 7Z

Dr. Foster is ARMOR’s expert on interspatial phenomenon (so-called “pocket dimensions”). She helped ARMOR understand Kree space-fold technology and helped create the interstitial concealment zone for the Hollow. While her expertise is not specific to multiversal phenomena proper, she is nonetheless a valuable asset to ARMOR.

In the past few years, Dr. Foster has become fascinated with Asgardian technology and the concept that Asgard is itself an interspatial space. Her research has been stymied by the fact that Asgard is not within ARMOR’s mandate, being considered more of a SWORD matter to deal with.

Alexander Erde

Warden, Wonderland Containment Facility
Codename: Good Shepherd
Clearance Level: 6H

Warden Erde keeps the peace at SHIELD Facility 42X, codenamed Wonderland. As the warden of the multiversal prison, he has a thankless and extremely dangerous job, detaining prisoners and dangerous entities that have been determined cannot possibly contained on Earth.

Support Staff

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