STRIKE Agent Template

There are some commonalities to the agents of STRIKE that you should be aware of when creating your character. They are game mechanic benefits, restrictions, and other factors that all STRIKE agents possess.


When you make certain specific Moves, your STRIKE agent status should be considered in the following ways:
Gather Intel – When you Gather Intel, in most instances you can use the resources, contacts, and staff of SHIELD if you so choose. Groups like SHIELD’s COMMS division work closely with STRIKE, and so there’s a quite a bit to access by using SHIELD.
Downtime – There’s many ways to involve STRIKE and SHIELD in your Downtime. If you’re trying to restore or improve a Bond with SHIELD as an agency, you could spend your Downtime training, instructing junior agents, doing paperwork or research, etc.
Persuade, Provoke, and Empathize – Your status as a STRIKE agent is to be kept secret, even from other SHIELD agents if their clearance level is too low. Rarely is it appropriate to invoke your status as a STRIKE agent, or even a member of SHIELD, as part of interrogating an individual or trying to get information. You generally can’t “flash the badge” and expect people to co-operate.
Dead for NowSHIELD MED is one of the most advanced medical agencies on the planet, and there’s many ways to invoke the resources and capabilities of SHIELD if you find yourself Dead for Now. Perhaps you come back with cybernetics or are resurrected by a specially developed serum by SCI-TECH. When trying to determine how you come back from the dead, SHIELD itself could be a major factor.


As a STRIKE agent, you gain an additional Power Summary and Power Profile that is specifically granted by the agency.
These extra powers have no “cost” and are granted for free as part of your character creation. They should be noted separately from your regular powers. The STRIKE Agent Power Profile starts with only one entry in each category of difficulty, but can be improved in the same way as your normal Powers (by using Push or spending XP). These improvements should be noted on your STRIKE Agent Power Profile.
You lose access to these Powers if, over the course of the campaign, you somehow stop being a STRIKE agent, which is why they should be kept separate from your character’s Powers.

Power Summary (STRIKE Agent): Access to military, law enforcement, and espionage hardware; access to experimental weapons and technology; access to confidential, top secret, or otherwise hidden information; access to secret safe-houses or other SHIELD facilities; access to special funds and budgets for your use.

Power Profile (STRIKE Agent):
Simple: Access to and usage of conventional law enforcement, military, and espionage gadgets and equipment (body armor, lockpicks, handcuffs, etc.)
Difficult: Access to and usage of conventional military, law enforcement, and espionage weaponry and vehicles (Guns, ICERs, grenades, etc.)
Borderline: Access to and usage of extraordinary or dangerous weaponry or equipment, like powerful explosives and combat vehicles, specialized SHIELD tech (Anti-tank weapons, plastic explosives, Quinjets, Photostatic Veils)
Possible: Access to and usage of experimental weapons and technological prototypes, like hi-tech spy gadgets and one-of-a-kind equipment (Power armor, SPIN rounds)
Impossible: Access to and usage of weapons of mass destruction (Nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons)

Limitation: You need access to the SHIELD armory, SHIELD contacts, or SHIELD resources in order to use these powers. This may require “gearing up” before going into the field or making the appropriate phone calls. From time to time, you may be denied access to your SHIELD resources for whatever reason.


There’s no restrictions on your Origins, per se, but depending on the character concept you have in mind, you may want to consider using one of the Hooks detailed elsewhere. An important element to consider when designing your character and choosing your Origin is just how much SHIELD and STRIKE knows about your Origin and who you really are. What you claim to be and what you really are may be very different things. Regardless of your Origin, consider how you came to be a STRIKE agent and what made Nick Fury choose you specifically for STRIKE.


Much like Origins, there’s no restrictions on what Drive you choose. However, if you choose one of the Hooks and an suggested Origin related to it, you should likely choose an appropriate Drive as well. Much like your Origin, how much SHIELD knows about your actual Drive is up to you. An important element of your Drive to consider is how your STRIKE agent status is affected by it.


On top of your normal Bonds from character creation, you also have one extra Bond you start with: SHIELD.
Your Bond with SHIELD is not counted towards your Bond Threshold. It begins at 1 for free, and you can spend additional Bond Points in character creation to start it higher if you so choose. This Bond can be Burned or improved upon like any other Bond. It cannot be removed from your character so long as you are part of SHIELD, even if it is at 0 or a negative number.
Your Bond with SHIELD represents your overall relationship with the agency as a whole, and how you are perceived by the organization. A highly positive number reflects being considered reliable, trustworthy, or otherwise important within the organization. A negative number means the opposite; you might be in the “dog-house” or otherwise considered dangerous, unreliable, or kept on a tight leash.
When you Burn your Bond with SHIELD, you’re generally doing things that the agency doesn’t approve of, even if it means getting the job done. Collateral damage, a reckless disregard for operational concealment, or otherwise not behaving like a proper agent can be a way you Burn your Bond.
On the other hand, your Bond with SHIELD can be improved. Using your Downtime to train, instruct junior agents, do research, or work on paperwork can be a way you improve your standing with the agency and increase your Bond with SHIELD. Other methods of improving your Bond may also be justifiable.


A special element of Advancement as a STRIKE agent is you can spend XP to increase your Power Profile specifically as it relates to being a STRIKE agent. These Power Profile advancements are tied to your STRIKE agent Power Profile, and are lost if for some reason you’re not part of the agency and can’t access those resources.
In-game, this might be justifiable as taking the time to properly train with or requisition the relevant material, or filling out the necessary paperwork to make it more readily accessible so it doesn’t need to be Pushed.

STRIKE Agent Template

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