The Skrulls are possibly the most dangerous alien race to humanity at this present time. The Skrull Empire is led by Empress Veranke and her genocidal religious movement the Dard’van. There is no evidence at this time that the Skrulls currently on Earth, the 1908 Group and their descendants, are in contact with the Empire or the Dard’van or are even aware of the current status of galactic politics. SWORD is attempting to maintain this situation as long as possible.

Homeworld: Currently Tarnax IV. Originally, the Skrulls evolved on the planet Skrullos, but it was destroyed by Galactus during the First Kree-Skrull War.

Recognizable traits: Skrulls in their natural, non-shapeshifted state have green skin and very distinct facial features. They have a very specific ridged jaw and chin structure, large pointed ears, thick brow, and often very large eyes. Skrull jaw shape is extremely distinctive, and is often one of their most revealing features if their disguises slip for a moment due to weakness or injury.

Known extranormal abilities: The iconic Skrull ability is their shapeshifting prowess. All mature adult Skrulls possess this ability, growing into it as part of their adolescence. Skrulls are able to emulate nearly any living creature within their stature and general body plane, although with practice and skill they can temporarily add or subtract a limited number of limbs or other appendages (like tails or wings). Contrary to myth, they cannot become inanimate objects, or creatures vastly outside their body plane and size. A Skrull cannot shapeshift into a couch or great white shark, for example.

All Skrulls also possess a limited amount of telepathy and empathy, able to read limited amounts of surface thoughts and emotions on touch. More importantly, on extended contact with someone who is unconscious (or consenting), a Skrull can form a “mind-link” and access an individual’s personality, memories, and body language, enabling them to impersonate that individual so thoroughly that it is nearly impossible to distinguish them from the original. However, to maintain this mind-link, they would need to keep the subject both alive and unconscious. As a result, Skrulls are far more likely to capture individuals they intend to replace than kill them.

Skrulls have significant regenerative abilities, able to regrow entire limbs and organs over time. They do age, but at an extremely slow rate giving them a lifespan that is thousands of years long.

A small percentage of Skrulls, known as War Skrulls, are effectively Skrull super-soldiers and possess super-powers themselves or seem to have the ability to emulate the super-powers of others. Our intelligence on War Skrulls is very limited at this time.

Documented technology of note: Unsurprisingly, a great deal of Skrull technology is focused on stealth and subterfuge. We know very little about this technology other than it exists.


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