Shuma-Gorath is a creature of legend. An extra-dimensional being, according to archaeological records it managed to contact this Earth and obtain worshipers during the Hyborian Age, with the ultimate goal of physically entering our world.

This never ended up taking place, but still it has devotees in the form of HYDRA’s inner circle. HYDRA’s Thulian devotees have been recently neutralized as an imminent threat, and Shuma-Gorath’s many path to this world has been closed for now, but the being is still out there.

While it may seem at first like Shuma-Gorath is simply an alien, and thus under SWORD’s mandate, our research states that it actually exists outside realities and intrudes upon multiple Earths simultaneously. Thus, Shuma-Gorath is really an ARMOR issue. All the more reason that SWORD Director Brand should have consulted ARMOR before deciding to move forward on the Thule site in Greenland.


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