SHIELD Branches

SHIELD is broken down into a few divisions, each performing their own distinct function within the agency.

Executive (EXEC)

Lead by: Executive Director Nick Fury, Deputy Director Maria Hill

The Executive Division oversees all of SHIELD. They co-ordinate the various facilities, projects, teams, and resources. They report directly to the World Security Council, and have the highest security clearance.

Security (SEC)

Lead by: Security Director Derek Khanata

SHIELD SEC handles all security at SHIELD facilities, internal affairs investigations, screening of SHIELD personnel, and acts as the guards at SHIELD prison facilities like the Raft. Led by Derek Khanata, a former member of the Wakanda secret police, SHIELD SEC have special protocols that allow them to over-rule everyone but the highest ranking agents of the Executive as circumstances require it.

Science and Technology (SCI-TECH)

Lead by: Dr. Paul Kraye

SCI-TECH designs all the gadgets, weapons, and vehicles that agents use in the field. They also study and analyse extranormal phenomenon that agents encounter, and help design containment cells to imprison super-criminals. They are some of the most brilliant minds in their field.

Operations (OPS)

Lead by: Sharon Carter, Agent 13

OPS are SHIELD field agents. They all have at least Level 4 clearance, with Senior Agents having Level 5 or 6 clearance. These people do the “grunt-work” of SHIELD missions, and face death and danger against extranormal threats every single day. They do not possess enhanced abilities and are usually hired on from military and intelligence agencies, relying purely on skill and natural abilities (and advanced weaponry) against supernatural circumstances.

Medical (MED)

Lead by: Dr. Andrea Hope, Medical Director

SHIELD Medical keeps you in one piece. Additionally, they work closely with SCI-TECH to be on the cutting edge of medical technology. SHIELD is currently exploring options with regards to cybernetic prosthesis for injured field agents and restorative gene therapy for disease, as well as exploring the potential of these technologies for enhancement and augmentation.

Communications (COMMS)

Lead by: Communications Director Victoria Hand

Considered to be the unsung heroes of SHIELD, COMMS performs the vital task of signals intelligence and cyber-espionage. Some of the best hackers in the world find themselves working for COMMS, sometimes because the alternative is federal prison.


Special Tactical Reserve for International Key Emergencies (STRIKE)

Lead by: STRIKE Director Clay Quartermain

Created earlier this year by a Level 7 Secret Order from Nick Fury himself, STRIKE is a special team of highly trained OPS agents and extranormals designed specifically to take on missions that would be unpalatable to send the Avengers on, either because it would be unacceptable to the public to send the Avengers on such missions or because the Avengers would not accept such missions, or both. Fury needed a team that would do what needed to be done, without question, and STRIKE was created to fill that role.

STRIKE’s existence is classified Level 7, and thus is unknown to both the general public and the majority of SHIELD. To the rest of SHIELD, STRIKE agents are senior agents of OPS and nothing more.

Sentient World Observation and Response Department (SWORD)


While no evidence exists that there is any sentient, space-faring life elsewhere in the universe, the possibility of it is effectively inevitable. To be prepared in the event that such life contacts Earth and is potentially hostile, SWORD was created. SWORD has agents, safe-houses, resources, and facilities designed to monitor and respond to a hostile alien invasion or first contact being responded to violently by humans (either is possible). SWORD is a largely theoretical division of SHIELD at this point, existing primarily as a safeguard against something we have no evidence of.

The Avengers

Lead by: Steve Rogers (Captain America)

The Avengers are, ostensibly, a division of SHIELD, although their membership is extremely small and very static. It is currently composed of Captain America (Steve Rogers), the Hulk (Bruce Banner), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Black Widow (Natasha Romanov), and Thor (“Thor Odinson” aka Thorlief Golmen).

The Avengers are outside the normal SHIELD chain of command and answer only to Executive Director Nick Fury, who has noted difficulty issuing them direct orders. SHIELD supplies the Avengers with equipment and vehicles, and allows them to essentially set their own agenda and missions, and thus far this arrangement has been working.

SHIELD Branches

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