Real Name: Unknown, even to Reflex himself
Nationality: Unknown, possibly Japanese-American
Age: Unknown
Reflex is the code-name given to a former member of the Hand who has joined SHIELD. Called “Hansha” (literally Japanese for “Reflex”) by the Hand, the crimson ninja exhibits abilities that can’t really be explained by science. He claims they are the result of the Hand’s mystical elixers, which he was subjected to as part of his initiation into the organization. SHIELD SCI-TECH has concluded he is likely some kind of Super-Soldier as a result, even if they can’t fully understand or explain his abilities, or the fact that he emits no verifiable lifesigns.
Reflex doesn’t know anything about his true identity or his past. According to him, he was “hollowed” as part of his initiation, brought back to life from death and filled with purpose. His purpose was to slay the enemies of the Hand, at the direction of his master. Years ago, there was an internal power struggle within the Hand, and his master directed him to kill many of the Hand’s own members, before the master was slain by a rival. Leaderless, and considered dishonoured by the Hand for being on the losing side in a civil war, he left the Hand and became a mercenary.
He walked the Earth for a few years, without direction and simply taking jobs as an assassin, until he ran afoul of SHIELD and was apprehended. Nick Fury offered to become Reflex’s new master, and for the undead ninja to serve SHIELD. He accepted, and was assigned to Hank Pym’s Avengers.

Origin: I’m Back From the Dead – Reflex was brought back from death by the Hand. He remembers nothing of his life prior to his resurrection.
Drive: Rebel – Reflex saw what following blindly leads to. While he believes in Nick Fury and SHIELD as a whole for the most part, he does not follow without question and is skeptical of institutions and rules in general.

Bold: -1
Careful: +1
Clever: +0
Forceful: +0
Quick: +2
Subtle: +1

Power Summary: Super-speed; super-human reaction time; ninja training; undead; does not breath, eat, or sleep; immune to disease and poison; heals damage in seconds; expert alchemist

Power Profile
Simple: Dodge bullets, run at hundreds of miles an hour without resting, heal from minor injuries in seconds
Difficult: Attack an entire group of people at once with his sword, deflect ranged projectiles with his sword
Borderline: Sprint up a wall
Possible: Run across water
Impossible: Survive being dismembered

Limitations: Reflex is undead, and has to maintain his existence using elixers only he knows how to create. Without regularly taking the time to prepare his elixers and imbibing them, he will eventually decay and die. His powers and undead nature make it extremely hard to form lasting relationships (+2 Simple, +2 Difficult Powers on Power Profile, +3 Bond Points)

Bond Threshold: 10
SHIELD: +1. While Reflex is loyal to Nick Fury, he’s not terribly loyal to SHIELD as a whole, and generally ignores the organization’s rules and strictures. Nonetheless, he believes in SHIELD’s basic ideals.
Flashback: +3. Jenny is Reflex’s only true friend on the team. They’re competitive with each other, but in a friendly way. Jenny has actually been trying to help Reflex learn who he is, or at least who he was.
Hyperion: +2. Reflex and Marcus get along fairly well. They feel some kinship in their outsider status; Marcus as an alien, Reflex as undead. They sometimes race competitively to prove who is fastest. Thus far, Marcus wins in raw speed, but Reflex wins in precision.
Nomad: +2. Reflex respects Alexi and his decision to go against his former masters. The two don’t socialize much, but he’s one of the few members of the team who treats Alexi as something of a comrade.
The Wasp: +1. Reflex considers Janet somewhat aimless and foolhardy. He will listen to her when she tries to take command (he certainly likes her more than Rick), but doesn’t really take her seriously.
Whisperer: -1. Reflex does not like Rick at all. He considers the veteran SHIELD agent the sort of blindly loyal fool that he once was, and the two have conflicts over rules and procedures.
Hank Pym: +1. Reflex barely knows Pym, but is generally polite to the man. He doesn’t understand his science (just as Pym doesn’t understand Reflex’s alchemy), and he keeps his distance.
The Hand: -2. The Hand isn’t actively pursuing Reflex (he’s been exiled), but they treat him with contempt any time they encounter him, and will try to kill him without restraint if they are on opposite sides of a conflict.
Nick Fury: +2. Fury has Reflex’s respect and serves as the ninja’s new mentor. He is loyal to Fury, and considers him his new master.


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