Real name: Julian Adler
Species: Human (Host for alien entity, speculative)
Known extranormal abilities: Telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis

STRIKE Agent Julian Adler was once SWORD Engineer Julian Adler, and worked on Project Pegasus as SWORD’s liaison to the project. However, several months ago he received a signal that he concluded was a transmission of intelligent origin. Given that is within SWORD’s remit, he investigated further. This transmission ended up causing him to disappear in a conflagration, and he was declared MIA for many months. Eventually he was found on the streets, ranting about “the Devourer” (seemingly talking incoherently about Galactus) and possessing powers consistent with hosting the Phoenix Force.

However, he also had gaps in his memory and difficulty understanding what has happened to him. Rather than risk putting him back in his old job, SHIELD Director Nick Fury made the executive decision to put him in his new STRIKE initiative against the protestations of SWORD Director Abigail Brand.

For the purposes of this document, SWORD Director Abigail Brand is restating her opposition to Agent Adler’s removal from SWORD and being transferred into STRIKE.


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