Real Name: Alexi Shostakov
Nationality: Russian
Age: 46
Alexi Shostakov was a former member of Leviathan and a part of the Winter Soldier program. He was selected for the program when he was only 20, being transferred into it from Soviet special forces.
Alexi was a patriot, who believed in the Soviet Union and protecting Mother Russia. However, the extreme treatments he endured as part of being made into a Winter Soldier broke him, and he eventually came to believe Leviathan was insidious and harmful to the USSR.
He defected to the United States in 1967, and joined SHIELD a few years later. His incredible prowess from being made into a Super-Soldier and how useful that makes him to SHIELD is tempered by the fact that he is mentally unstable and suffers from severe bipolar disorder. His body is resistant to attempts to treat his mental health with medication.
Alexi still loves his country, and believes in Communism and the USSR. However, he believes Leviathan is a cancer killing the Soviet Union, so he will help his enemies fight his beloved homeland.
Code-named Nomad, Alexi’s true origin is kept a secret from the rest of SHIELD. Only his team-mates in the Avengers know the truth, as Hank Pym felt it was impossible for them to trust the Soviet Super-Soldier unless they knew who he really was. The reaction was… mixed.

Origin: The Wake-Up Call – Alexi believed in the USSR, and only went rogue due to his hatred of Leviathan and what they turned him into.
Drive: See Justice Done – Alexi wants to see Leviathan brought down and the Soviet Union freed from their influence.

Bold: +0
Careful: +0
Clever: -1
Forceful: +2
Quick: +1
Subtle: +1

Power Summary: Superhuman strength, speed, and toughness; accelerated healing; superhuman senses of hearing and vision; barely ages; Superhuman resistance to poison and disease; Soviet special forces training

Power Profile
Simple: Punch through concrete walls, heal from a bullet wound in an hour, run at 90 miles an hour for ten minutes at a time
Difficult: Lift car over his head, punch through solid steel, ignore being shot
Borderline: Tear open a tank, ignore the effects of poison
Possible: Catch a bullet in his hand
Impossible: Regenerate a severed limb

Limitations: Alexi is a Super-Soldier, which essentially makes him stronger, faster, and tougher at everything a human can do. But he still has all the normal requirements of a human being. He still needs to breath, eat, and sleep, although his need for sleep is diminished. His powers and the fact that he’s an ex-Soviet Super-Soldier makes him actively ostracized by most (+2 Simple, +2 Difficult, +1 Borderline Powers on Power Profile, +1 Bond Point)

Bond Threshold: 8
SHIELD: -1. Alexi is not trusted by SHIELD, and is treated more like a weapon to be pointed at the enemy than an asset or an ally. This suits Alexi just fine, as he considers SHIELD a means to an end to bring down Leviathan.
Flashback: 2. Alexi respects Jenny as a field agent, and tries to teach her how to be a better spy. Secretly, he hopes to turn her to his side so that when he is done with Leviathan and SHIELD, she will join him in Russia.
Hyperion: 2. Alexi is in awe of Marcus’ power, and sees his idealism as respectable. Marcus doesn’t really see him the same way, and generally disdains the renegade Leviathan Super-Soldier.
Reflex: 3. Alexi and Reflex respect each other as fellow renegades against the organizations that created them.
The Wasp: 1. Alexi likes Janet more than her boyfriend, but not by a whole lot, and generally thinks she’s unqualified to lead the team. He usually defers to Rick’s judgment in a conflict between the two.
Whisperer: 3. Alexi actually respects Rick quite a bit. While he still considers Rick “the enemy”, he respects his prowess as a spy and his dedication to protecting his country.
Hank Pym: -1. Alexi doesn’t like Pym. He has an inherent distrust of scientists due to what was done to him, and Pym’s experimental zeal disturbs Alexi.
Leviathan: -3. Leviathan wants Alexi dead, and are actively trying to pursue him.


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