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SHIELD World Factbook

This contains all the relevant information you will need to perform your duties as an Agent.

History of Extranormal Phenomenon

World War II
The Cold War
The New Millennium

Global Hotspots


Government Agencies of Note

World Security Council
Department H

Corporations of Interest

Stark Industries
Future Foundation
Roxxon Industries
Alchemax Genetics
OsCorp Industries
Hammer Advanced Weapons Systems
Cross Technologies
The Daily Bugle
Eaglestar International
Kronas Corporation

Overview of SHIELD

SHIELD Structure

SHIELD Branches
Security Levels

SHIELD Facilities

The Triskelion
The Helicarrier
The Raft
The Slingshot
The Crypt

SHIELD Equipment and Technology

Standard Equipment
Photostatic Veil

SHIELD Personnel Files

The Avengers

SHIELD Threat Assessment Index

Costumed Vigilantes and Enhanced Crime-Fighters

Fantastic Four
The Punisher
Luke Cage
Jessica Jones

Extranormal Criminals, Terrorists, and Mercenaries

The Hand
Doctor Doom
Living Laser
Justin Hammer
Wilson Fisk
King Stefan
Elisa Sinclair
Aldrich Killian

STRIKE Intel Updates

The STRIKE-COMMS liason agent maintains a regular intel update to keep STRIKE agents informed of ongoing operations, potential threats, and blowback from completed missions.

Intel Report 01 – May 27th, 2017
Intel Report 02 – June 3rd, 2017
Intel Report 03 – June 16th, 2017
Intel Report 04 – Terrigen Crisis Report, June 17th – June 22nd, 2017
Intel Report 05 – June 25th, 2017
Intel Report 06 – June 28th, 2017
Intel Report 07 – July 2nd, 2017
Intel Report 08 – July 8th, 2017
Intel Report 09 – July 18th, 2017
Intel Report 10 – August 5th, 2017
Intel Report 11 – September 3rd, 2017
Operation Caliburn – A guide for agents on a joint SWORD-STRIKE operation
Caliburn Mission Report 01 – Arrival at the former location of the planet Taur
Caliburn Mission Report 02 – Arrival at Knowhere
Caliburn Mission Report 03 – Investigation on Knowhere
Caliburn Mission Report 04 – Arrival on Sakaar
Caliburn Mission Report 05 – Investigation on Sakaar, update on STRIKE-1


SWORD Galactic Factbook

This contains all the relevant information you will need to perform your duties as an Agent as they differ from the general SHIELD factbook available to all SHIELD Agents.

Known Galactic History as Relevant to Earth

The Celestial Myth
The Devourer
The First Kree-Skrull War
The Hyborian Age
The 20th Century
The Second Kree-Skrull War

Known Extra-Terrestrial Species Active on Earth

At this present time, information obtained from off-world contacts has allowed SWORD to document over 437 sentient alien species. For the sake of brevity, this factbook has opted only to include relevant data on species currently known to be active on Earth, rather than those known to exist at large in the galaxy.


SWORD Threat Assessment Index

This Index includes individuals who are extra-terrestrials operating on Earth, may have visited Earth recently or may visit Earth in the near future, or are alien-human hybrids such as Inhumans, or have been significantly altered by alien interference.

SHIELD Personnel

SHIELD includes a few personnel who are themselves extra-terrestrials, hybrids, or have been significantly impacted by alien interference. This does not necessarily compromise their loyalties nor should it make them subject to increased scrutiny by default, but it does mean that SWORD needs to be aware of their existence within the agency and what they are capable of doing.

Captain America
Jennifer Monroe

Potential Threats and Off-World Interlopers

These individuals do not normally inhabit Earth, but from time to time show up on our planet for their own agendas. Trusting them or working with them is complicated and should be cleared with your superiors.

The Nova Corps
Guardians of the Galaxy

Criminals, Terrorists, Mercenaries, and Enemy Hostiles

Individuals and groups in this section should be treated as hostile in all circumstances. Do not engage unless absolutely necessary, and if necessary, do so with force.

The Dard’van
The 1908 Group
Black Widows
Winter Soldiers
Kree Accusers
HYDRA Thulians


ARMOR Multiverse Factbook

This contains relevant data for an agent of ARMOR, reflective of your SHIELD and ARMOR security clearance.

Understanding Multiversal Phenomena

Comprending the Multiverse
Founding of ARMOR

Overview of ARMOR

Our Continuing Mission

ARMOR Structure

ARMOR Security Levels

ARMOR Personnel

Command Staff
Support Staff
Exploration Corps
The Ultimates

ARMOR Facilities

The Hollow
The Chariot
Black Ice

ARMOR Equipment and Technology

ARMOR Standard Gear
ARMOR Arsenal

Documented Alternate Universes

Earth Designations
Earth-44 – Utopia 4
Earth-187 – The Wasteland
Earth-209 – Machine Earth
Earth-385 – Age of Inhumans
Earth-462 – Skrull Earth
Earth-501 – The Refuge
Earth-793 – Dark World
Earth-N – The Negative Zone

Known Incursion Incidents

Incident 01 – Synthezoid Attack
Incident 02 – Parliament Incursion
Incident 03 – Refugee Crises
Incident 04 – Thule Incident
Incident 05HYDRA Invaders

ARMOR Threat Assessment Index

ARMOR defines potential threats as “External” (coming from outside our universe) or “Internal” (coming from beings or powers or factions within our universe who nonetheless are potential threats within ARMOR’s remit).

External Potential Threats

The Council
The Parliament

Internal Potential Threats

Victor Von Doom
Stephen Strange

Game System and Rules

Based on the Dungeon World game system by Sage Kobold Productions, with elements taken from Worlds in Peril by Samjko Publishing, Masks: A New Generation by Brendan G. Conway, and Fate Accelerated Edition by Evil Hat Productions.

Game Rules

Key Terms – A glossary of game-specific terminology you will often encounter
Approaches – The six Approaches you use to interact with the game system
Moves – How you take action in the world
Powers – The extranormal abilities, special resources, and extraordinary training you possess
Origins – How you became what you are
Drives – Why you do what you do
Bonds – The ties that bind you to the world around you and the people in it
Conditions – The ways you can be harmed or inhibited
Advancement – How you improve and advance

Character Creation Special Notes

These are things you need to know specifically for creating a STRIKE Agent for this campaign.

Concept Notes – Realities of the setting and other things to be aware of when creating your character
STRIKE Agent Template – Special Powers, Bonds, and other things to add to your character when creating a STRIKE Agent

Character Hooks

Hooks are essentially concepts that are part of the setting that may form a bedrock for your character, and give suggestions on the kinds of archetypes that are encouraged for Agents of STRIKE. They contain example origins, motives, and ways to tie your character into the setting. Hooks are entirely optional, but are definitely worth looking over.

Product of Science – Altered by science, you have extranormal powers because of something that was done to you, possibly against your will.
Technologically Advanced – You use advanced technology, either gadgets external to you or implants put directly in your body, in order to do what you do.
Highly Trained – You’re not “super” at all, just motivated and an expert in your field.
Freak of Nature – You don’t really understand how or why you can do these things. You just can.
Mystical – You invokve esoteric powers or wield strange artifacts, things most people can’t possibly understand.
Otherworldly – You’re not human at all, you’re something else entirely.

Example Characters – The Secret Avengers

During the 1980’s, Hank Pym led a group of highly trained and extranormal individuals as part of the Avengers Initiative. The members of his team detailed below can serve as examples for character creation, and will be used for playtesting purposes.

The Wasp

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