Living Laser

Real name: Arthur Parks
Documented extranormal abilities: At some point in his life, Arthur Parks transformed into a being of pure energy that the press dubbed “Living Laser”. It is unclear how he transformed, but he is able to manipulate light and emit powerful laser blasts, and can travel at luminal speeds. However, Parks’ energy form is highly unstable, and needs to be contained somehow.

It’s unclear how Arthur Parks became the Living Laser. The man is impossible to interrogate meaningfully, and refuses to elaborate on he come to possess his powers. It does not seem that Parks can turn his energy form off, and his material instability caused him to purchase a containment suit designed by Paul Ebersol, the Fixer.

Parks is mentally unstable. He has a number of severe and documented mental health issues. Some of these issues were pre-existing to his condition, and are documented from his days in college. Others seem to be exacerbated or the direct result of his current state as a being of energy.

Parks was defeated by the Avengers, and is currently incarcerated at a SHIELD facility.

Living Laser

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