Leviathan is shrouded in mystery. To the best of our knowledge, it began as a Russian secret society sometime around 1917, when the Bolshevik Revolution was happening. It appears to have started as an alliance of Russian oligarchs and military officers, who were concerned about retaining their position after the revolution. They infiltrated the nascent Soviet government, and guided it towards their own goals.

The highest echelons of Russian government and military authority have always seemed to be beyond Leviathan’s control, and at various point the Soviet and later Russian Federation leadership have seen Leviathan as a potential threat. The current Russian government officially denies Leviathan’s continued existence, although it is known to SHIELD intel that the Russian President does not care for Leviathan’s machinations and is hostile to Leviathan’s influence over the FSB.

Leviathan rivals HYDRA as SHIELD’s greatest global threat, and is SHIELD’s oldest foe.

The Magadan

Real name: Vasili Dassaiev (allegedly), possibly another individual if Dassaiev is deceased.
Documented extranormal capabilities: Unknown.

The Magadan is, according to our best intelligence, Leviathan’s leader. The Magadan is a codename, and may or may not be FSB officer Vasili Dassaiev. Dassaiev was reported KIA by a SHIELD covert op years ago, but there was no confirmation of the termination (his status is more accurately assessed as MIA, presumed dead). He was, at the time, the best candidate for the position of the Magadan. At that time, he did not display any extranormal capabilities, but the agents in charge of his termination didn’t take any chances with their methodology to find out.

If Dassaiev was the Magadan and was successfully KIA, he was likely replaced in the position by a new Leviathan operative. Who that is and what abilities they may have is unclear.

Aleksander Lukin

Documented extranormal capabilities: None.

Lukin isn’t an extranormal according to any intel, nor is he directly any sort of actual physical threat. He is the CEO of the Kronas Corporation, a known front company for Leviathan. What position Lukin personally has within the organization is unclear. There is a possibility that Lukin himself is the current Magadan, but given his public presence, this is unlikely.

The Liberators

The Liberators are a terrorist organization that attacked the United States in 2015. They attempted to siege Washington, DC, with the stated goal of overthrowing the government and “freeing” the American people. They were defeated by the Avengers, and most of them were imprisoned by SHIELD. Afterwards, it was determined that the Liberators were actually a group formed of Leviathan operatives. All apprehended Liberators members have turned out to be Russian nationals, but Russia officially denies the Liberators are connected to Leviathan (in accordance with the official denial of Leviathan’s continued existence). Russia officially considers the Liberators a terrorist organization and has implied they are connected to Chechen separatists, not Leviathan.

Winter Soldier

Real name: Unknown
Documented extranormal capabilities: Increased strength, speed, agility, and resilience due to Leviathan’s Super-Soldier program. This individual also possesses cybernetic implants, including a cybernetic arm.

The individual code-named Winter Soldier is apparently the last surviving member of the original Winter Soldier program that Leviathan operated in the 1960s. It’s impossible to determine how old this person actually is, but they’re at least 60-70 years old given that lines up with the time period in which Leviathan discontinued the Winter Soldier program. It is unclear why this specific individual has cybernetic implants, which is unusual for Winter Soldiers.

When the Liberators were defeated by the Avengers, the Winter Soldier escaped and is still at large. He should be considered dangerous with the highest threat level. Do not engage.

The Abomination

Real name: Emil Blonsky
Documented Extranormal Capabilities: Extreme strength, endurance, and regenerative capabilities. Blonsky appears to have abilities that are a derivative of Bruce Banner’s “Hulk” experiments. It is unknown what the upper limits of his abilities are.

Emil Blonsky is a former FSB agent who, at some undetermined point, joined Leviathan and participated in an experiment that allows him to transform into an individual that resembles Bruce Banner’s “Hulk” form. There appear to be some differences between Blonsky and Banner’s transformations (Blonsky is less resilient than Banner, but seems to have more advanced regenerative capabilities).

After Blonksy was defeated by the Avengers, he was taken into SHIELD custody. He is currently held at REDACTED, in a specialized facility that can respond to his abilities.


Real name: Valeri Soyloyev
Documented extranormal capabilities: Soyloyev does not appear to possess any extranormal capabilities himself. He is a former Spetsnaz operator in peak physical condition with extensive combat training. When he is armed with his Leviathan-designed armor and weapons, he appears to have abilities akin to the Avenger known as Thor, to a lesser power and extent.

Valeri Soyloyev was a Sptesnaz operator who was recruited by Leviathan. He was given special equipment (a suit of armor and a pair of energized weapons) and the identity of Perun, the Slavic god of thunder. As a member of the Liberators, he went toe-to-toe with Thor and was defeated. He is now in SHIELD custody at REDACTED.

While there is some doubt as to the real identity of Thor, Perun is absolutely not some form of godlike entity. He is a human being who was given powerful technology and an evocative identity, and nothing more.


Real name: Ivan Vanko
Documented extranormal capabilities: None. Vanko is a brilliant engineer and physicist who created his own power armor, but without that power armor he possesses no extranormal abilities.

Ivan Vanko is the son of Anton Vanko, a former business partner of Howard Stark who helped Stark Industries develop the Arc Reactor technology. Secretly, Anton Vanko was an agent of Leviathan and supplying the Soviets with Stark technology. Anton Vanko was eventually discovered and imprisoned. His son, Ivan, grew up despising the Starks and has made it his mission to kill Tony Stark.

Ivan Vanko was apprehended when the Liberators attacked Washington and is now in SHIELD custody.


Real name: Yelena Belova
Documented extranormal capabilities: Superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Belova is a full graduate of Leviathan’s Black Widow program and is extremely dangerous.

Yelena Belova has been in operation for decades. It is unclear how old she actually is, but it is known that she is a graduate of Leviathan’s Black Widow program. Unlike Natasha Romanov, Belova does appear to have endured the full suite of genetic augmentations as a Black Widow, and has been loyal to Leviathan even after the fall of the Soviet Union.

She was not apprehended when the Liberators were defeated by the Avengers and she is still at large. Do not engage if encountered.


Real name: Dmitri Smerdyakov
Documented extranormal capabilities: Smerdyakov can alter his facial features, voice, and some degree of his body proportions at will, allowing him to disguise himself as practically anyone. It is currently unclear if this is an extranormal capability Smerdyakov personally possesses, or if he utilizes advanced technology we do not fully understand.

The man code-named Chameleon is Leviathan’s top infiltration operative. Dmitri Smerdyakov was able to infiltrate the White House and was the main saboteur during the Liberators’ attack on Washington. He was caught in the act, but not apprehended, and is still at large. Much of what we know about Smerdyakov comes from interrogating members of the Liberators who were apprehended, and as a result we know very little. He is apparently a very high ranking member of Leviathan, and because of this his associates know very little about him.


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