One of the most numerous races in the galaxy, the Kree form the core population of the Kree Empire, the most powerful galactic nation we are aware of.

Homeworld: Hala.

Recognizable traits: Most Kree have skin that are shades of blue, cyan, indigo, or purple, corresponding to various ethnicities within their species. There are rare genetic conditions that lead to more exotic skin colors, including a skin condition that results in Kree with a skin color that is close to human caucasian, but SWORD has never encountered any individuals with this condition.

Most Kree are significantly larger and stockier than most humans, standing at least six and a half feet to seven feet tall usually. Some Kree are shorter than the average, and these individuals are usually selected for infiltration duties among smaller races like humans.

Known extranormal abilities: Kree have increased strength, endurance, and speed when compared to a human of equivalent size and muscle mass. They appear to have more dense and efficient musculature and circulatory systems.

Documented technology of note: The Kree had faster-than-light travel and artificial intelligence and energy weapons when humanity was literally living in caves and banging rocks together. They are absurdly beyond us in technology level to an extent that is impossible to fully document. A specific technology that the Kree seem to have mastered is space-folding, which forms not only the foundation of their faster-than-light travel but also enables them to form pocket-dimensional spaces to create fortresses and secret installations, such as the secret city of Attilan on the Moon.


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