King Stefan

Documented extranormal abilities: None. King Stefan has no specific extranormal abilities, but is an extremely wealthy head of state and has all the power and privilege that comes with that.

King Stefan of Symkaria is head of state of the small European country. He is widely considered thoroughly corrupt and a cowardly man who clutches to power by any means necessary, plotting constantly and conspiring to retain his throne against any threat.

He is known to be a puppet of Victor Von Doom of Latveria, and King Stefan’s regime is heavily reliant on Latverian technology to arm its mercenaries.

SHIELD considers Stefan a potential “domino”. If he could be replaced by someone like his brother in law Ernst Sablinova or Ernst’s daughter Silver, it would destabilize the region enough that Doom would have to deal with domestic problems in Latveria, and could potentially spur the international community to take action against Doom.

SHIELD OPS and COMMS divisions are currently weighing options to this effect.

King Stefan

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