Intel Report 02

June 3rd, 2017

Designated for STRIKE Agents and adjacent support personnel

Report compiled by STRIKE-COMMS Liaison Agent Jeremiah Warrick

Cradle Liberation Mission Success, Raises Complications

The STRIKE mission to acquire and liberate individuals held at the Leviathan facility code-named “The Cradle” was a a success, despite losses. In total, 27 individuals were freed from stasis who had been replaced by Skrull infiltrators.

Two of these infiltrators were apprehended immediately, as they had replaced two high-ranking SHIELD personnel; Avengers member Clint Barton and SHIELD Deputy Director Maria Hill. Unfortunately, all other Skrull infiltrators appeared to have sensed their telepathic connections to their “sources” severed immediately and seem to have gone to ground. We have not apprehended any of the other 25 Skrull infiltrators at this time, but their cover is blown and they have had to flee.

The majority of the remaining 25 individuals are civilians in a myriad of different government, corporate, and media positions of varying degrees of power and influence. This presents a complicated situation for SHIELD to deal with. We cannot legally or ethically detain these individuals, and because their duplicates have disappeared, they would quickly present a noticeable absence if we continue to hold them.

Director Fury made the decision to brief these individuals on the minimum details possible to create a believable story for their experiences relative to their individual cultural, political, and media influence and released them back to their lives. This is an op-sec nightmare, and while COMMS is actively monitoring these individuals for security leaks it is only a matter of time before the incongruities in their time missing from their lives or their unwillingness to maintain secrecy makes it impossible to maintain op-sec.

Interrogation of the two Skrull infiltrators we have captured is ongoing. It appears both have been in operation for several months, having captured Agent Barton and Deputy Director Hill simultaneously when Agent Barton was escorting Hill from the Helicarrier to the Triskelion several months ago. This brazen attack illustrates how bold Leviathan has become in their plans. It is unclear at this time how much intelligence Leviathan has obtained by way of their moles within SHIELD, and given that this is not the only Cradle facility that Leviathan has, there may be other Skrulls inside SHIELD. Agent Munroe’s investigation is still ongoing.

In Memoriam: Agent Vladimir von Doom

Section authored by: STRIKE Director Clay Quartermain

Vladimir is STRIKE’s first casualty, and one that was made to pay a heavy price. The agent gave his life to ensure mission success, and to guarantee the survival of his team. There is no greater honor, no higher bar of excellence, that can be expected of a field agent than this. The mission succeeded because of this agent, and his team survived because of his selfless and heroic actions. He will be remembered.

Vladimir was connected to the V.I.S.I.O.N. system in his final moments, and V.I.S.I.O.N. confirmed the KIA. Unfortunately due to the nature of his demise, there was little in the way of material remains recovered from the site. SCI-TECH has expressed a desire to take possession of the remains, but I have invoked my own directorial privilege as his branch director to deny that, and have ordered his remains sent to SHIELD’s private burial site for commission. In compliance with dark operations procedures, there will be no formal funerary service for STRIKE agents KIA, although his team-members are permitted to express themselves privately how they see fit.

A personal effect of Vladimir’s was recovered from the site, and Agent Arnell should see me to recover it when she feels it is appropriate.

More Details on the 1908 Group

With the acquisition of Viktor Uvarov, and two other Skrull infiltrators, SWORD is learning a great deal more about the 1908 Group, and Leviathan’s inner workings. SWORD’s database has been updated recently, and should be reviewed by all STRIKE and SWORD agents.

The 1908 Group

New COMMS Staff

COMMS has new senior staff at the Avengers Tower! Alongside our new Director Monica Chang, we have some new arrivals to welcome. Please review their personnel files to familiarize yourself.


The Dust Conspiracy

According to Viktor Uvarov, Leviathan’s current major plan is a large-scale terrorist attack on Western nations that involves modified “dirty” bombs to detonate in major urban centers. These bombs will distribute fallout that is not radiological in nature, but is actually clouds of aerosolized Isotope-8, the synthetic Terrigen first created by Herbert Wyndham. Leviathan seems to believe this substance will kill humans on a wide scale (while not affecting Skrulls or human-Skrull hybrids) but according to the details Uvarov has shared with SWORD, the parts-per-million that “the Dust” will distribute will simply cause any “latent” Inhumans in the population to activate. These weapons are, effectively, Terrigen bombs that will lead to an unknown amount of people in the world suddenly obtaining superhuman abilities and possibly taking on monstrous forms.

COMMS and OPS is working around the clock to locate agents of Leviathan involved in the Dust Conspiracy and put a stop to it. STRIKE will be updated as more details emerge.

Possible Leviathan False-Flag Activity

There are reports coming out of Symkaria of attacks on mercenaries and other individuals by the Avengers. This is patently absurd, and obviously a false-flag operation by another group. Very possibly this is a Leviathan operation, War Skrulls with powers similar to those possessed by the Avengers or able to emulate something approximating them, trying to turn the public against the Avengers in anticipation of some larger operation. OPS agents in Symkaria are investigation.

New STRIKE Team Member

STRIKE was designed as a five-man team. While the loss of V.L.A.D.I.M.I.R. is felt by everyone here at STRIKE-COMMS, it also can’t be allowed to diminish the team’s effectiveness.

Effective immediately, STRIKE Director Clay Quartermain has authorized the transfer of SWORD Agent Carol Danvers to STRIKE’s field team. Captain Danvers is an experienced pilot and field agent who recently came into possession of extranormal abilities. More details on her capabilities can be found in her personnel file on STRIKE’s updated personnel page.


Hyperion Still At Large

Unfortunately, the Helicarrier was unable to move into position in time to sanction Hyperion after the events of the Cradle mission. The Avengers attempted to delay Marcus Milton as long as possible, but for reasons that are unclear (possibly he sensed the Helicarrier’s approach), Hyperion decided to retreat and the Avengers were unable to pursue. At this time, Hyperion is still at large and considered a Leviathan agent. He is classified Threat Level Omega and under no circumstances should be engaged. If encountered, contact Director Fury immediately and retreat.

Intel Report 02

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