Intel Report 01

May 27th, 2017

Designated for STRIKE Agents and adjacent support personnel

Report compiled by STRIKE-COMMS Liaison Agent Jeremiah Warrick

Thunderbolts Attributed for STRIKE Operations; Team Leader Declared MIA

COMMS has been engaged in a misinformation campaign to attribute STRIKE operations and conduct to the Office of National Emergency’s Thunderbolts black op. Because ONE is unable to deny these claims without acknowledging the existence of the Thunderbolts, this has been a useful cover story to divert attention away from STRIKE’s activities.

This has inflated the reputation of the Thunderbolts among the community of terrorists, enhanced criminals, and rogue state intelligence agencies as a threat, and undermined their effectiveness.

Intelligence gathered from inside ONE has determined that the Thunderbolts team leader, Citizen V, has been declared missing in action. Recent intel gathered by STRIKE suggests that Citizen V may have been a cover identity for HYDRA operative Baron Zemo, who is now in SHIELD custody. Unfortunately, Zemo has suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of advanced interrogation tactics, so intelligence gathering on this subject will be limited going forward.

Wundagore Developing Diplomatic Ties With Symkaria

The so-called “New Men” of Wundagore Valley in Symkaria have made formal (albeit covert) overtures to the court of King Stefan. They have worked out a formal agreement, granting the residents of the area a degree of autonomy and regular shipments of food and other aid supplies in exchange for Symkarian access to the geothermal energy resources of Wundagore Mountain. At this time, relations appear to be peaceful. SHIELD is closely monitoring the situation and has OPS agents in the area.

Roxxon Stock In Freefalll

Roxxon Energy is in crisis after the assassination of their CEO, Eliza Sinclair. This is the second Roxxon CEO to be assassinated in less than a year. HYDRA was blamed for the assassination, with witnesses placing Arnim Zola and other known HYDRA agents at the scene. Roxxon’s PMC sub-division Blackguard is also suffering, as it has now failed to protect two of its own CEOs and this failure has completely shaken any faith in its executive protection services. Roxxon is a massive company, considered by many to be “too big to fail”, but at this point it is not clear what will happen next.

AIM Selling Advanced Drone Technology

Advanced Idea Mechanics has been aggressively marketing powerful, highly coordinated combat drones to various buyers around the globe. These include PMCs, the militaries of rogue states, terrorist groups, and drug cartels. These machines do not appear to be independently-driven AI, but tele-operated drones that AIM claims are run by their own highly sophisticated combat servers. SHIELD is investigating this matter further.

HYDRA Leadership Collapsed

With the acquisition of several key members of the HYDRA Thulian cult after the Greenland operation by STRIKE, HYDRA’s core leadership circle appears to have imploded. HYDRA itself is not defeated; the cellular nature of HYDRA means that it has simply gone underground and become a de-centralized terror network like it was before. It is now disorganized and rudderless, and with the acquisition of Dr. Blitzschlag, has lost access to its neuro-linguistic programming capabilities to create sleeper agents. This is a major victory for SHIELD.

Investigation into WHISPER Organization Ongoing

Recently, SHIELD became aware of the existence of an organization known as the World Headquarters for International Scientific/Philosophical Experimentation and Research (WHISPER). This is an independent, non-government espionage agency created and run by Dr. Reed Richards. At this time, we are to officially treat all WHISPER agents as security risks and to avoid contact, but not as direct enemies and we are to avoid hostile engagements if at all possible unless engaged first. At this time, other elements of SHIELD are investigating this organization to determine its disposition and intent.

New COMMS Director

COMMS officially has a new Director as of today! We here at COMMS would like to thank EXEC Deputy Director Maria Hill for helping us all through the difficult period after former Director Victoria Hand left, and we would like to welcome our new Director, Monica Chang.

Monica was originally part of SCI-TECH, and was working in the Artificial Intelligence division. However, her unique skills and brilliant mind make her uniquely suited to fill the role of COMMS Director. We look forward to working with her.

We also all wish former Director Hand the best in her recovery. A great deal of research has been done on her condition and MED has some of the finest doctors on the planet.

The Thule Incident

An incident occurred 48 hours ago in Greenland at a SWORD investigation site that had been initially located by a STRIKE agent. This investigation, conducted unsafely and without proper protocol at the behest of Dr. Philip Lawson, resulted in a dimensional incursion and hostile alien life forms attempting to invade our world. SHIELD Director Nick Fury deployed the Avengers to defeat all incoming hostiles and then sanctioned the site with the Helicarrier’s main gaussian cannon. The site is now safe and the incursion was ended, but the seismic event created by the sanction was detected by multiple civilian science installations and resulted several hours worth of work for COMMS agents to create misinformation campaigns attributing the activity to glacial calving. It is extremely fortunate that the incident happened in an area as remote and completely uninhabited as it was.
Dr. Lawson has been subjected to disciplinary action and re-assigned appropriately.

Attilan Site Activity Suspended

As a result of the Thule Incident’s outcome, SWORD has suspended all investigation into the second site identified by STRIKE in the Azores, speculated to potentially lead to the Inhuman settlement of Attilan. SWORD has taken control of the site and is locking it down, and is carefully examining and cataloging all artifacts. At this time, no artifacts will be “activated” or otherwise interacted with.

Leviathan Activity On The Rise

Recent intelligence coming from OPS and COMMS agents in Russia advise that due to recent events, Leviathan seems to be mobilizing and preparing for major action. Many Leviathan assets are being recalled and activated. More intelligence is being gathered and will be reported on as it becomes available.

Intel Report 01

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