Incident 05

Designation: HYDRA Invaders
Point of Origin: Unknown parallel Earth where HYDRA won World War 2 and the Avengers are agents of HYDRA, temporarily dubbed “HYDRA Earth”

This Incursion is extremely recent, and happened unbidden and not as the result of the Exploration Corps and appears unrelated to the Multiverse Cold War. It seems the Avengers of this “HYDRA Earth” decided to do some multiversal exploring of their own, and arrived on our world with their own multiverse-capable craft. This was detected, and immediately engaged by the Chariot and the Ultimates.

Their craft was destroyed, but the HYDRA Avengers and some of their troops escaped. Their leader, apparently their universe’s Baron Strucker, as well as several of their other personnel, were captured.

The HYDRA Avengers are still at large and are considered extremely dangerous. Fury is deploying both the Ultimates and the Avengers to find them and take them down (although the latter is not aware of the existence of the former, and it will stay that way unless absolutely necessary), and Director Fury is considering pulling in a third black ops special response emergency unit if absolutely necessary, but prefers to keep them in reserve while the two superhero teams are occupied with this task for other emergencies.

Incident 05

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